HTC Wanted a Snapdragon 800, But The Company Is Not Important Enough

HTC was intended to integrate Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in its new HTC One Max, but instead you will have to settle for the Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 already according to certain sources the giant of mobile microprocessors You can not guarantee the supply of 800 Snapdragon.

They indicate it in Digitmes, which include that other companies such as Sony, LG, ASUS, Acer and Xiaomi will also make use of this processor. The interesting part comes when they say that HTC have failed to count with this micro because according to other sources close to the industry they believe that HTC is no longer relevant enough for Qualcomm.
Agreements with manufacturers of components are an essential part of the mobile industry, where many manufacturers must reserve large amounts of these components to be able to meet the demand. We have seen it in Apple, which has usually had a preferential treatment in this section, but also in other companies.

And HTC, which until now had been considered one of the most important companies of the market, seems to be accusing the problems of recent months, which they have damaged the image of the firm Despite having managed to bring to market a first-line as the One HTC smartphone.

The company confirmed months ago that had effectively ceased to have the preferential deal with certain suppliers, something that, among other things, also gave problems with the its current flagship output.