Huawei Ascend Matt Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II, Comparing The Two Giants in Video

It is not something to enjoy it all, but the truth is that with the trend that follows the market We are going to have to get used to the giant smartphones. Everyone would like to see also leading specifications on smaller screens, but a high-end today goes straight to 5 inches.

Samsung with its Galaxy Note goes a little beyond, and with its 5.5 inches has created a hybrid between smartphone and tablet more pretty successful though understandable for a very specific audience.

Other manufacturers have seen the reef in the triumph of Samsung, which has created a new market of huge phones where everyone now wants to enter. Huawei has not been less, and has presented in Las Vegas to the Ascend Mate, a device that is going to the 6.1 inch and that it intended to compete directly with the greatest of the Galaxy.

The differences between the two devices are great, not in vain Huawei has already opted for the resolution FullHD, something that today marks the specification of fashion. To take one look more in depth at the two devices, we bring you two comparative videos direct from CES 2013, where you can see where the mentioned differences are: