Huawei Makes The More Difficult Still: a Smartphone Prototype of 8.5 Inches

Huawei It is capable of giving us headlines enough curious if he intends, this time is a matter of the screen sizes of their smartphones, starting to rub the size of tablets, such as the 6.1 smartphone inches that was confirmed a couple of months ago. But if we thought that they would be standing there, we were wrong.

A presentation of upcoming products of the Chinese company, one of the attendees has been access to the smartphone with more screen which we have news. And is that this smartphone, if it is that he is can continue considering him as such, measures that reach the 8.5 inches. No, we are not wrong, Huawei says that with 8.5 inch can be considered a smartphone.

Imagine a bigger than many tablets terminal approached your ear in a conversation. Yes, the image would be as little bizarre and that would be more eccentric in the hands of people with more money than common sense. The journalist can confirm the veracity of this terminal, because it made a picture with the stewardess, took it to Twitter and then published the photo that heads this article.

Could also be that the measure was diagonal all the smartphone, which would leave some 6.5 inch screen, which is more plausible, but it would not be obscenely large for anyone with a minimum of common sense.