It’s Official: The IMS Galaxy Will Not Be in The MWC, According to JK Shin

Much has been speculated, though lately less, about the early arrival of the SIV Galaxy. Spoke of the premature arrival in the CES 2013, something that has not happened, or the return to the Mobile World Congress, a thing difficult since he distanced himself from it with the current version. But this It will not happen, according to words of the footballer JK Shin.

And is that the President of Samsung has denied in resounding that its flagship will be renovated during the MWC, where already has confirmed that it will be presented the Galaxy Note 8 and probably the third generation of Galaxy Tabs.

Either way, it sounds strong enough that this smartphone will arrive before May 3 we saw for his predecessor. It would then be a presentation during the month of March or April, for what that Apple is also ahead of their releases.

But other rumors say that this year, this device will be announced in the very heart of the United States, where on March 22 would be a possible date for such an event, which is the market where Apple is still stronger.

At least we know when will not be such a presentation, now need to specify when. And probably this is not confirmed until a few weeks before the event, plays wait.