Jazztel Lowers Its Extra Bonds during The Summer to Keep Browsing to Maximum Speed

Smartphones we have become accustomed to having internet access beyond where we are going and his absence or reduced speed by having sailed more than usual can be made to consider the possibility of hiring a extra bonus data for sailing at full speed, especially if we think sharing the connection of your phone with a computer this holiday.

Knowing this, the operators have focused this summer campaign to highlight their respective benefits in relation to mobile browsing, being the extra bonus of data one of the alternatives that have chosen Movistar and now also Jazztel.

Promotional way, Jazztel with value Pack customers to hire extra bonds during the summer half price being able to choose between any of the three available bonds of 200 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB additional by a price valid until the 31st of August of 1.80 euros and 3 euros and 5.40 euros respectively.

Consider this type of benefits that complement the Jazztel rates sufficient for your needs, or you’ve seen more seduced by the increase of gigs that have made this summer the main network operators?