Josh Hartnett Is Aims to Fashion of The ‘Total Look Denim’

The actor titles such as City of Men, August or Mozart and the Whale, to name a few, is in addition to one of the most recognized faces on the big screen, a trendsetter in all rule. He also film producer has proven once more that he knows how to dazzle on the red carpet, but in the same way is one of the coolest inside the casual style.

This time we have seen a Josh Hartnett, 32 years, with a total look Denim, that as you aim in the special in this respect, is one of the most cutting-edge trends of the season. Today we got this image of the Californian bicycle strolling the streets of Soho New York, wearing this casual outfit, composed of a jeans of straight leg in grey, combined with a Shirt in blue Denim very washed finish.

To complete the look you choose one nautical skin in ash tone, and as it could not be otherwise his inseparable glasses of pasta, that attention to detail carried them to the square, one to see and other very similar Sun, both retro-style.