Lady Gaga and Gilt Group Collaborate to Draw Us a Thierry Mugler to Our Wardrobe

As some of you know, singer Lady Gaga It plans to launch on 23 May her new album ‘ Born this Way’, which in addition to reference it as an event in the world of music, you want to make in the same way in the world of fashion. And it is not in vain, since we already know that There are several designers who have collaborated with her (Thierry Mugler, for example) for clothing and accessories of video clips of the singer.

For this reason, the clothing designer sales portal, Gilt Group, He joins efforts with Universal Music Group and the own Gaga in a series of exclusive events that are intended to put at our disposal special occasions that can act with the artist and the world of fashion that is surrounded.

We are very excited to collaborate with Lady Gaga and Universal. We have created an innovative event online that will be broadcast in two of our channels and will give access to incredible experiences and innovative style to our members

Within these offers available, the most advisable option from Mensencia at the selection of male garments which offered which will have been made, like the outfits or the outfits that arise, by the Director of Thierry Mugler and stylist of Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti. The collection has been defined as an essence of Lady Gaga which are not offered ties to creativity and is the body that makes issuer and not the message means.

We will be attentive to you think to Nicola Formichetti for the occasion, but in view of the photos, it’s not or as bizarre as I supposed, or as loss of time as many foresee. Any new safe will fall.