Learn How to Remove Wrinkles Using Only a Spoon

Wrinkles are brands of the age that are appearing on our skin with the passing of the years and which are conditioned by various factors, such as diet, exposure to the Sun, lifestyle (have had many concerns, or may not be smoking, practicing or not sport, etc) and the own facial gestures.
There is an age or exact period in which begin to appear wrinkle, since as we have seen it depends on many factors that they appear before or after, more or less plenty and little or very marked: there are people who, with 30, may begin to notice the presence of wrinkles on your face and others that up to 60 keeps your skin smooth as a teenager.
It is very common that begin as small fine lines transform into wrinkles with the passage of the years. Although it is not something serious, that there are many people who deserian not to have them in his face. Do you belong to that group? Then you should not miss this simple trick that we share today:
Spoon trick for removing wrinkles
To perform this trick or home treatment all we will need is a small spoon following ask4beauty, a couple of ice cubes and a glass of water and olive oil, ingredients that already have at home.
Pour into the glass with cold water two ice cubes and the spoon. Leave it submerged for a quarter of an hour. Past that time take it and massaging your face from the forehead to the Chin through other key areas for wrinkles, Crow’s feet or lips.
Remember back to dip the spoon a few seconds before moving on to the next area.
Finally, moisten your fingertips with olive oil and pass them through the treated area lightly massaging so that the skin absorb it.
This treatment can be done daily (you will not just time) and you will see how in a few days, you start to notice the difference. Easy, fast and very effective remedy against wrinkles.
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