LED Starry Sky Self Build – We Reveal How BB´S Goes

What’s better than a viewing of the night sky? No matter whether you up, captured on vacation at the beach or by the local balcony looks in the sparkling night sky inevitably one an uplifting feeling of happiness and deep relaxation.

Our today’s self construction tip tells you how to get to the fascinating splendour of the star from the sky directly to home. In our building instructions we explain material needs to the implementation of step-by step how BB´s works. Suitable also for not craftsmen

Shopping List: You Need It To Get Started

Tools required

Drill, jigsaw, paint roller/brush, pencil, Emery paper, hot glue gun


  • LED light chain from LEDLager
  • Particle board in desired size (E.g. 150cm x 150cm x 2cm)
  • 4 bars (E.g. 150cm x 4cm x 2cm)
  • Cover (square plate for example 4 Woods à 140 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm)

For the substructure:

  • 4 battens (for example 138cm x 4cm x 4cm)
  • 12 frame plugs, 6x80mm and Spax screws

Optional: Wall paint or varnish in desired colour

…Und Here Goes BB´S To The Building Instructions

  • Draw the desired shape of the heavens on the wooden panel with a pencil and saw them on the bottom.
  • Screw the roof battens for later hanging with a projection of about 2 cm at the back of the plate.
  • Now, mark the holes for the “stars”.(Whether symmetric or in the wild pattern mix-mainly the lamps fit later through the holes).
  • Then, Pierce the holes with the drill.Rough edges can be smooth with sandpaper.
  • With hot glue to attach the wood panels.

Optional: If you want painted or stroking the wood panel with a brush or paint roller in his colour of choice. Also wall color is next to paint. One day drying time should be scheduled here.

Insert the LED lamps from the back of the wooden plate through the holes and then fix the lights with hot glue.

Et VoilÀ-Ready Is Your Individual LED Starry Sky!

Last step-installation

  • Attach the four under construction slats with the plugs on the ceiling so that the starry sky then that fits.The ideal distance to the ceiling is 20-30 mm.
  • Now slide the starry sky above the slatted frame and screw the Panel with the substructure.
  • Plug the lights into a nearby outlet.

Tip: You can use color or covers to the lamination of the screws.
Works vertically attached incidentally also great as a back-lit wall

We wish you good luck and have fun watching your new interiors.

Their LEDLager editorial staff