LG Denies That Production Problems with The Nexus 4, There Are All Continues as Planned

Nexus 4 It could have been a great phone. It isn’t right now than it but its production and distribution problems have aroused many criticisms of the two responsible for the product: LG and Google respectively. Months pass and the issue does not show positive signs.

Meanwhile, a representative of LG said that the production of the phone you have followed what has been agreed and it categorically denies that there have been problems of supply with the Nexus 4. Remember that according to estimates, around 370,000 units have been manufactured.

Somewhat insubstantial statements by LG but that it raises some interesting questions. If the Koreans say that there have been problems, and while Google says that the work by LG has been erratic who do we have to believe?

If there is something that seems clear, although it sounds paradoxical, is the fact that there is nothing clear between the two companies and not very clear what the real intention of the Nexus 4. Serve as a standard for a new version of Android? It may be, but its existence on the shelves, virtual, has been too fleeting.

Victim of its own success, has managed to placate a few but disappoint others many. Whatever it is, it would be desirable that both companies are honest with what has happened and explain how many devices have been manufactured. That serve as a lesson to both.