Low Price Boosts Tablet in Brazil and Market Grows 171%

New study of the consulting firm IDC shows that tablets with Android represent almost 80% of sales in the country and demand focuses on models priced under R $500

The Tablet market is booming in Brazil and over the past year, the sale of mobile device grew 171 percent, according to new data released by IDC consulting. In 2012, manufacturers sold 3.1 million units of tablets in the country, a significant growth in about 2011, when they were sold 1.1 million units of these devices.

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Android is the operating system present in most tablets sold in 2012, with 77% of the total. In addition, demand focused on low cost tablets, priced under R $500, who started coming to Brazil last year. Of the total number of tablets sold in the country in 2012, 88% were sold to home users-sales for this segment, according to the IDC, grew 159% from 2011.

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“The entry of equipment with this price range was the main factor for the significant increase of sales of tablets in 2012. Some companies which manufactured GPS began to produce tablets, and the prices were more attractive, “says Peter Hagge, market analyst of IDC Brazil, in a statement to the press. With the improvement in sales performance, Brazil went on to occupy the 10th place in the ranking of largest markets for tablets in the world.

According to IDC, the proportion of sales between tablets and computers (desktop and notebook) decreased enough in 2012, with a tablet for every five computers. In 2011, manufacturers sold a tablet for every 14 computers. For comparison, in the United States is sold a tablet for each notebook.

For 2013, IDC expects manufacturers to sell 5.8 million tablets in Brazil, number that is 89.5% greater than 2012. In January 2013, according to a monthly study by IDC, 350,000 units have been sold, only 15% lower compared to December 2012, considered the most representative since the beginning of sales of tablets in Brazil.

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