Mariana Goldfarb Shows Belly Dry Training with Boxing Gloves

Snowwhite’s girlfriend, model and presenter shared the click your profile on Instagram, on Tuesday, 14.

Rain or shine, Mariana Goldfarb hit point every day at the gym. On Tuesday, 14, was no different. In your profile on Instagram, Snowwhite’s girlfriend shared a click that appears with boxing gloves at and showing off the belly dry during your workout. “Bora?”, asked her.

In addition to the Academy, another frequent point model is the Joatinga Beach, on the West side of the river. Last Sunday, 12, Mari and Trenton were there, where advantage for sunbathing and surfing.

In an interview with EGO, the model and presenter of the channel OFF stated that goes to the beach every day for a swim because sand, sea and Sun have religious significance: “go to the beach is very important for me and for my day to day has special meaning for me: it’s when I pray and it is also a moment of appreciation for everything that happens in my life, “he said.

With the arrival of summer, she decided to bet on lighter hair to give a lit up in visual and said don’t follow standards of beauty. About the controversy of the eyebrows bushy, she revealed: “who does my eyebrow is my boyfriend. Every woman can be very vain, but you can’t force something you’re not. We have to start liking the way it is “, she said, that changed diet and training to conquer negative and measures perfect belly. “I took shame in the face and I have been dieting. I went to the gym and started to intensify the outdoor exercises. I’m between 7.5% and 8% body fat.”