Mega Test: In-Ear Headphones up to 1200 Euro

The range of ear or in-ear headphones is growing. Whether there are tonal progress, clarifies stereoplay in this mega test.

The rise of pop ear-aufliegenden headphones for the road obviously hurt not the popularity of the ear canal headphones. On the contrary, more and more manufacturers offer convenient in-ear models. There is not only a trend toward higher prices – such as AKG, which require proud 1200 euros for their top receiver. The in-ear earphones may be used also as earrings. For this, they are designed to function prettier and not only.

In-ear headphones: design and sound

Especially Monster excels in this respect. The American provider has two unusual models in the range: the noble Miles Davis tribute as well as the somewhat schrillere Harajuku Wicked – a tribute to the Tokyo area to the railway company, is known for its idiosyncratic culture of youth fashion.

Gratifying that even hearing aid professionals such as Phonak and Etymotic to turn the audio segment. Finally, they have considerable experience with ear channel playback. You know about, that the shape of the human ear increases the presence area between 2 and 4 kHz. This is a reproduction right in the ear not so, therefore perceived a linear frequency response as unnatural. So it makes sense to lift this section slightly plugs listeners.

As usual for stereoplay, several testers not only with the headphone amplifier references heard Lehmann Audio Linear (750 euros) and the Violectric HPA 181 (750 euros). A passage was also awarded the Apple iPod/iPhone because this is probably the most likely use for the ears.

In-ear headphones: the mega test

“That is how many new models there are almost boundless. Because loose over 40 listeners come together”was the conclusion of the tester after sighting of the market. Thus arose the idea to divide the field of 45 subjects . So, all 45 candidates in the sound have been described but only the 22 most interesting models have been classified accordingly and were allowed to undergo the stereoplay test procedure in the TESTfactory.


Already cheap ear canal headphones might be as good, is impressive. So the new stereoplay highlight fits Panasonic RP-HJE 290 due to its powerful playback not only very well to mobile players; also on home appliances, the listener enthralled with his direct style of play.

Which is still universal Sony MDR EX 310 LP. With natural timbres is to ambitious listeners who see in-ears basically wear parts, the first choice. Amazing: Sennheiser was able to improve his top model IE80 even still a little and is rewarded with the Crown of the reference.

The sonic booms of AKG K 3003 however, only few HiFi enthusiasts will enjoy given the price.