New Iphone: Backup And Sync With Itunes Or Icloud Folded

So far was the switch from Android to ios quite hairy what with Apple’s first Android app move to ios but after eight years of iphone finally resolves to be pleased. Also during the transition from old to new iphones there are however a lot. Our site explains easily how the transition works.

Step 1: know your Apple ID?

Less savvy iphone users use your Apple ID only for one: downloading apps. You can get a new iphone, you can easily use the old ID and you should be. Because your Apple ID is not only the key to the app store, but keeps track of every purchase made, saves them when enabled icloud sync imessages, SMS, contacts, calendar entries and simply everything that is on your iphone. Optionally even photos. Before you get started so: write down your Apple ID and password. You can find them in the settings of itunes & app store.

Step 2: create iphone backup

Now create a backup of your data. Go either in the iphone menu to the point icloud. Push the control knob to green and hook all the points you want to keep. A tip: store icloud even Wi-Fi passwords In the keychain. Go backup now to the point. There you create a backup if it is not already. During the backup, you have to connect your iphone with Wi-Fi. Because it can take several hours, we recommend you to initiate the backup process before going to bed. Alternatively, you connect your iphone via cable with the PC. The itunes program creates a full backup including all app passwords upon request. A guide for both versions, see the following photo series.

So pull your data from the old to the new iphone

Step 3: activate new iphone

You icloud or via itunes created a backup of, you should now activate your new iphone. When you first start you will be greeted in succession in several languages don’t worry, you don’t have to wait in German. To reach a wiper to the language selection. After a few simple steps, Apple will ask you to enter of your Apple ID (see step 1). Then choose whether you want fresh put the iphone or an itunes or select icloud backup would.

Step 4: play backup

You opt for itunes version, the iphone will ask you to connect to itunes via a cable. Itunes will automatically offer the newly created backup of your old iphone and either play. Have you chosen the icloud variant, your new iphone shows that there is a backup. Select it, confirm any prompts and already it downloads all data from the icloud. That can take sometimes several hours due to the large amounts of data of several gigabytes, you should be definitely in the Wi-Fi network.

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