Nexus-10 and Nexus-4 Shown in Your First Video Unboxing

Increasingly more sale packages grow in importance when assessing a new device, and commonplace is to teach them on dates close to the launch of a new gadget, so the unboxing videos just proliferate end presentations. Today we bring you the first video unboxing of the official sale packages Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, the new members of the range of Google.

The first of the videos is in perfect Spanish, and shows first-hand how it looks the Nexus 4 out of a package sales that Google seems to have wanted to standardize to the latest Nexus devices have different manufacturers.

The video draws attention to do not include even headphones, but anything goes when it comes to lower the final price of a terminal, and most already have our earphones, so see the completely consistent decision.

As for the Nexus-10, we have an extensive video of Slashgear, usual in this type of conflicts, and that show us In addition to an unboxing accelerated steps most advanced tablet that exists on the Android platform.

Again, integrated batteries and the lack of accessories make the sales package something brief, and it maintains the same design for the packaging than in the rest of current Nexus.

What do you you think? Anxious because they finally reach your hands?