No Netflix Price Increase for Denmark, So Far

Netflix have announced price increases, but this time avoids Denmark being hit, however, can happen after a new year.

In Denmark have Netflix about 450.00 households as customers, and thus are the most popular Netflix streaming service which competitors HBO and TDC’s Nordic YouBio have not yet been given the same customer base.

Netflix had, however, in April, announced price increases, but it appears that Denmark goes free, certainly in the first place. For the new year can, however, be forced to put Netflix 25% sales tax added to the price. The Folketing is by making changes in the VAT law which dictates that the goods come from abroad, have to pay Danish VAT.

Right now is the price 79 dollars a month and the price is kept so quiet, but many other countries may see price increases if you are a new Member. In Norway increases the price 10 dollars, and the rest of the European Union must also see a single Euro more on the Bill. In the United States, it is therefore a dollar more, but fortunately for existing customers, the price remains the same for the next two years. The price increase applies only to new customers.