Nokia Lumia 520-Cheapest Lumia-Model

Lumia 520 was also on display Monday in Barcelona – It was presented as the cheapest Lumia-model.

Two Lumia-models, it was at Nokia’s presentation Monday at the mobile Convention Center in Barcelona. The largest, Lumia 720 and the smaller Lumia 520, which from the scene was presented as the cheapest Lumia model.

Nokia told himself that Lumia 520 delivers experiences that are otherwise reserved for smartphones in the expensive end of the scale.

It is among other things about the camera lens in Lumia 520, which is identical with the lens in the top model Lumia 920. However, this does not mean that Lumia 520 thus taken as good shots as Lumia 920.

Lumia 520 has a four inch screen and comes in four different colors.

It is expected to European countries in the second quarter, for a suggested price of $1,500 Danish kroner.