Not Only Samsung Alters The Results of The Benchmarks, Seems Widespread

If you’re looking for buy a new smartphone, you can get carried away by your taste, accompanied by the analysis medium objectives which are made of devices, and finally, if you are looking for is hesitating power, take a look at the¬†benchmarks, or performance tests. Following the latest news that move by the network, some would say better not.

He went with the Samsung Galaxy S4, returned to occur with the Galaxy Note 3, so we blame the Korean company manipulate their phones so that their phones were to stop in benchmarks tests. AnandTech reveals that the practice is widespread among Android manufacturers, so we are going to distribute blame accordingly.

Most manufacturers that play with Android take measures to inflate its results. Between the bare names we have ASUS, LG and HTC, which incorporate mechanisms that react to the presence of benchmarks such as AnTuTu, Quadrant or Geekbench.

Among the players not stained with bad practices we have Motorola and their new phones or devices Google Nexus. Leaving us phones, Project Shield of Nvidia nor want to get into trouble, and that it comes from a company with enough experience to deal with benchmarks, in the world of computers.

Situate ourselves, are facing performance tests, in most cases not a normal phone use-oriented, so we should give less importance which have. The main victims of history, in addition to the listed manufacturers, are the developers of the tests, which lose credibility without eating or drinking.