Officially in Love with My Bmo Australia Lamb Fur Boots

It was certainly not an easy decision and therefore it has attracted is quite awhile until I finally quit my resistance and say: Yes to Sheepskin Shoes for men!

Sure, there are the discussions whether Sheepskin boots are now fashionable or not and whether it will be or not to tighten it as a man. To do this, I can say just me thats so don’t care if Wayne is interested in that. I did that, what you should do, if you want to understand why boots so infinitely many people with Sheepskin Shoes through the area – I’ve put time my feet in those boots  from and in a thousandth of a second, my feet, said that you like for the rest of the Winters in these shoes want to stay and I know love again in the spring can say. It is namely this incredibly natural, cuddly soft, warm, but just not sweaty feeling in these shoes that I had yet in any other winter boot.

This BMO lamb fur shoes are of course by Blue Mountain originals not my new dress shoes, but for a casual day at the Office a walk in the winter or for a trip they are just perfect. I drove just after Davos skiing and was quite a long way with taxi, plane, bus, and there is nothing more pleasant than to have a comfortable shoe, which helps you to stay relaxed.

I made a couple of pictures of my outfit strolling in Sanssouci. The coat is by the way of Peuterey, which is really great, fashionable coats and jackets make. Their specialty is to incorporate down in very compact in coats and jackets, so that it doesn’t look as if it has been sewn into a quilt, but still gets a body-hugging slim cut, although it bears a nice warm jacket. The CAP is by Stefanel.

I combine the BMO lamb fur shoes with my Colmar jacket and jeans, that is also a great silhouette from the sleek, sporty down jacket in bomber jacket style and the slightly bulkier shoes. I post a picture with Instagram the next time if I combine again so the shoes.