On Bending and Sinking: The iphone 6S in the Hardness Test

In September 2014, #Bendgate was the theme on iphone-6 customers. The reason: The plus version of the Smartphone can be irreparably bend in one place with relatively little effort. And even if you did not intentionally do it, an iphone is carrying 6 in everyday life when it may be too fast permanent damage. Even though Apple has barely commented these problems today, it suggests that you wanted to eliminate this vulnerability in the development of the successor. Ifixit found out already at traditional disassembly (teardown) of the iphone 6 S and iphone 6 S plus, that both the housing and the insulation something has changed. The housing is not only made of a new material, the connections are now striking seals. The conjecture: The iphone 6S is not only robust but even waterproof. The consequence: Our site has both purchased devices tested.
Apple iphone 6S: The Apple Smartphone in the Laboratory Test
iphone 6S Plus: The Laboratory Test to the Apple Smartphone

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Can bend iphone 6 S like its predecessor by hand and without much effort? Our site makes the hardness test. Iphone 6S plus Bendgate test: it can bend?

Bendgate: A problem of the past

All-clear: the scandal is no more. Who plus be an iphone 6s or 6s is called equity, needs to fear unintended curves in the case no longer. In the test, COMPUTER, image – editor in Chief Axel Telzerow, again, tried to bend the Smartphone, and noted: even with great effort dissolves only the display a little. There was not a permanent bend or damage to the hardware, the device worked as well. Conclusion: With everyday effort the new iphone is not to bend, problem solved.

Is it waterproof iphone 6 S?

Apple has never confirmed, that the new Smartphone can easily withstand water. And yet it seems as if the iphone 6 S against the penetration of liquids were protected. In the test COMPUTER sank image the device (display was turned on) for about a minute of water. After recently dried off then the surprise: the dive didn’t the phone! The iphone had themselves as nothing had happened. No display error, no water in the camera, not a failure of the hardware. Although it is not recommended to regularly perform this test, but the new iphone 6 S (plus) easy… Forgive small accidents

“Well done, Apple: The iphone 6 S is not only stable, but forgive even the Contact with Water.” Christian Blum, Editor

Not imitate!

Even though the year’s S-class is quite a much: lack of official certification, Apple is obliged to exchange equipment, where even what goes wrong in any case. Especially important: Wet equipment you should after an accident despite the proven tolerance absolutely dry and before rinse with distilled water, to prevent corrosion. Because ifixyouri found out that remains after a dive always a rest in the case so it’s not completely tight, that’s the impression only.

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