Pearls:Learn to Use with Style and Elegance

The Pearl is always in fashion. What changes is the way to use!

All love pearls! They are beautiful, delicate, classic and timeless. And they come with everything and in multiple versions: big ones, small ones, and is an accessory that always seeks to give balance to the look. Independent of the fad they remain at the peak, but this season came with full force on clothes and accessories by referring sophistication and elegance.Pearls:Learn to Use with Style and Elegance 1

Pearls always bring an air of glamour and refinement to a look, but that doesn’t mean they can be used only with classic productions. In the last show of Chanel, the creative team of mark bet on the classic pearl bracelets and necklaces with two maxi pearls, according to indexdotcom.

Many top bloggers have joined sets of pearls full of style. Since then, it didn’t take long for these pieces fall in taste of Brazil connected. And some people think the pearls are good only with Haute Couture productions: even the most basic production the pearls fall well, since a simple bracelet until a maxi paste more elaborate.

For use in a more detached and less classical, just find a way that suits you more and use them in the most varied situations, as for example the application in coats combined with precious stones and studs, forming a mix of elements, letting you look well cool. Invest in look with pearls and merge with other accessories, the result will be cool and different.Pearls:Learn to Use with Style and Elegance 2

Besides the necklaces and earrings, bracelets also come peroladas, simple or with multiple laps. For the fashion consultant Gloria Kalil, the ideal is to take advantage of the shuttle from classical to mix with the current.

“Is a acess o River that can be used in a manner more irreverent and informal, with sports, blends shift p is scrolls is located information es more unusual”.

Do not forget to check our Sereismocollection, like the pearls has many treasures from the seabed.

Kisses!Pearls:Learn to Use with Style and Elegance 3