Perepepe: Toys for Hire

Today’s Post is especially for dads and Moms readers here the Luxury feeling! The children’s day is coming, time to think about this for our nieces, godchildren, grandchildren, children … The kids are already with the list of new toys that they would like to win this! But the truth is that after a few days, the toy is no longer new and left for the dads and moms that thing all over the House! Aiaia!!!

Perepepe: Toys for Hire

To help solve this problem, I want to introduce you to Perepepe .com! A super cool site that rents toys and accessories for children from 0 to 5 years to play the will at home. The cool thing is that once the toy is no longer news, we can return to the store and another child can have fun with it! I adorooo this idea!!!

The idea came about when one of the partners of Perepepe bought a toy for your child and 899.00 cost after 20 days, he didn’t want to play anymore. I bet a lot of my readers or readers have been through it! Now, you can rent the same children’s toy at for 30 days for R $125.00!!!

Perepepe Toys for Hire 1

Your child will have a great time and will save you time, money and space.

The fun, too, is that every month the child can play with new things, stimulating your further development. All this without your house full of toys stopped by corners, that are no longer used. The toy is also super happy, hehehe, because he can walk through several houses and brighten the lives of several different children.

Perepepe Toys for Hire 2

To rent the toy could not be easier:just enter the site, choose among more than 100 toy options and choose the payment method. After the request, the delivery is scheduled and the customer choose if you want to remove in the store or at home! There you go!!!

The Perepepe also offers a fun space for parties and events, the SPACE BABY. It can be customized and the price is very friend!

Perepepe Toys for Hire 3

I love ideas like this, especially when they help my readers to save! Hehehe!

And there, liked the idea.