Rumor: LG Will Make Own 8-Core Processor

The rumors will know that LG expects to present Optimus G II, with their own 8-kernede processor in the autumn.

It is expected that LG will present in autumn a LG Optimus G II, with their own 8-kernede processor, write our site, according to our site.

Apparently, LG go suffered the same way as Samsung and Huawei, and developing their own chipset for their mobile devices.

The new chip will be developed by LG, but produced by a Taiwanese manufacturer.

The processor should supposedly be built on ARMs big. LITTLE architecture, with four Cortex-A15 cores and four Cortex-A7 cores.

Thus there will be a balance between processing power and power savings. A15-cores will be used for tasks requiring high performance, while the A7 kernels used for tasks with lower priotitet.

LG´s new chip gets, according to the source of the story, the name Odin.