Samsung Galaxy Plus SII Will Finally Mount a Broadcom Chipset

Have already seen you a few days ago with all its trappings, but it seems that we did not have all the correct information about the new Samsung Galaxy SII Plus, a terminal presented in a strange movement of Samsung, having new Bill devices on all ranges his first best seller with very few changes update to compete in the mid-range.

The Galaxy SII Plus is really the same terminal as the SII Galaxy, although it seems that changes, are ultimately higher internally, and is that even though the processor keep specifications with 1.2 GHz of clock speed, will not be a 4212 Exynos as he had announced at first, but a Broadcom chipset.

The selected processor is the Broadcom BCM28155, with dual-core and architecture ARM Cortex-A9, in addition to a GPU that accompanies it called VideoCore IV. Details on manufacturing technology, are not known although everything points to 40nm, and nor do we know anything about its performance.

Broadcom takes time now trying to compete in the market of hardware for mobile platforms, and this boost of Samsung probably come them very well, although his specialty is connectivity, where they have been at a good level so far.

However, still little understanding the desire of Samsung of squeezing the goose’s gold, Galaxy SII, when the logical thing would have been cheaper the Galaxy mini SIII to compete better in the mid-range.