Samsung Galaxy S3 at Cyberport Landed

Samsung Galaxy S3 at Cyberport Landed 3As with Apple: Huge demand, but scarce delivery

Samsung Galaxy S3 at Cyberport Landed
volumes Customers and employees were waiting for the Galaxy S3. Well, just a month after the pompous performance in London, Samsung’s latest smartphone battleship has landed atCyberport. Not only the idea of ​​the smartphone, but also the built-up hype in the run-up reminded strongly of Apple. This morning, I took the opportunity and threw a first glance at the S3 in the Cyberport Store Dresden. It will take a while for customers to benefit from the new flyer because the delivery volumes are manageable. All Apple-like stop.
I want to be open and honest: I am an Apple trailer and iPhone users. Therefore, it is difficult for me to approach the matter completely objectively. The feedback of the colleagues was however clear: A little more valuable the back could have already failed. Otherwise the 4.8 inch (12.2 cm) Super HD AMOLED display is impressive. If you call Cybergoal, our big European Championship match, on the Apple iPhone, you have to scroll to see all the contents of the Splash-Screen. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here you get the complete page on the display with its resolution of 720 x 1.280 pixels presented.

Samsung Galaxy S3 at Cyberport Landed1

Otherwise I am surprised by the low weight of 133 grams. Well, my Apple iPhone weighs 140 grams not really much more. Perhaps it is due to the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that it seems to me as if it seems to float in my hand. Since it already placed the colleagues in the store between the other smartphones, prepared for the presentation and secured, it was unfortunately not possible for me to do the test. Can one sit down normally when the S3 sits in the left or right host pocket or becomes too tight? One has already with the iPhone from time to problems, as soon as it is not optimal in the jeans sits.

And always the one question: When will I get my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 at Cyberport Landed 2

I wish I could give you a more enjoyable message, but Samsung seems to have something here synonymous with Apple. The Galaxy S3 will be very scarce available until further notice. The first delivery was far less than the drop on the hot stone. In the coming days, however, we expect a more pleasing quantity for the white version of the S3 with 16 GB . Customers who ordered the S3 with 32 GB or 64 GB or in Pebble Blue will probably have to be patient. More detailed information is not available. We keep you up to date.

Conclusion after the first impression to the Samsung Galaxy S3

I must admit that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good figure. Slim and light-footed, it is waiting to make his new owner happy. Even if the back could have turned out to be a little higher, the positive impressions clearly outweigh. The Super HD Amoled display is gigantic. I believe that owners of a Samsung Galaxy S3 do not need a tablet. It is the perfect symbiosis from both worlds. Whether Apple with the new iPhone will follow suit and also a larger display missed?We will see what will happen in the coming weeks. Until then there is for me personally now no reason to put my iPhone 4 ad acta and change.


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