Samsung Galaxy SIII Will Officially Have Its Battery of High Capacity

We know that one of the best ways to show support to a terminal is to give it a good compendium of original accessories do your most complete ecosystem. Samsung has never spared in this aspect with its terminals star, and Samsung Galaxy SIII could not be less, although so far it lacked certain accessories that will complete your full pack.

One of them is the announced kit Wireless charging, which we still don’t know release dates and we’ve virtually stopped waiting for it, and the other was the extended battery Kit, i.e., a high capacity battery and its corresponding rear Cap.

The latter is now, with a 3,000 mAh battery It promises to improve 50% the autonomy of the device, and to be original keeps NFC support, because Samsung is customary to include the chip in the battery.

However, and given the limitations of the technology of lithium batteries, grow capacity makes grow size, and Samsung includes rear CAP which serves as support to the extended battery Kit and, as they say, is perfectly suited to the contour of the camera lens.

The thickness that would have set, and neither its release date, although probably immediate is not specified. The price, as shown in MobileFun, is of €49.99 online Spanish retailer.