Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7: Test Of The Sophisticated Androids

Test conclusion: what you should know

All clear: the Galaxy tab S2 9.7 is one of the best tablet ever. But due to its relatively low battery life made it the Samsung not on the winner’s podium noble construction and good facilities make shut still no winner. Best price on the Internet: 389.00 EUR * per order this product at Amazon sharp, brilliant display high pace of work thin, lightweight design impeccable processing of LTE, Wi-Fi-ac, Bluetooth 4.1 memory expandable ordinary cameras contra moderate battery life maximum brightness slightly low NFC is missing mark of the ipad 2, air editorial 2.49 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) so far are the ipad mini 3 and the Sony Xperia Z4 proudly on the podium of the best tablets. Apple and Sony so, Samsung’s toughest competitors. Can the Koreans rush now 9.7 LTE in between with their new Android-5 model Galaxy tab S2? The test shows the strengths and weaknesses of Samsung’s new noble tablet.

Samsung Galaxy tab S2 9.7: product photos

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Big, but light and thin

The tab S2 is no ordinary tablet, this is evident already at the first touch: with a height of thin 5.6 millimeters and a weight of airy 392 grams, it is among the lightest tablets in the 10-inch class and undercuts even the ipad air 2 (444 Grams). It sits comfortably in the hand, its workmanship is impeccable. Too bad that the rear camera slightly out of the housing projects like the iphone 6 and iphone 6S, by the way.

Brilliant, high contrast, and fast

Less than 25 centimeters wide (9.7-inch diagonal) display photos and videos not only sharp (resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels), but also very rich in contrast and brilliant colors this is the advantage of OLED technology in comparison to the LCD version. Unfortunately the Samsung display but also to a typical OLED disadvantage does not get around: not enough video watching on the balcony with plenty of sunlight brightness.

The fastest Tablet

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This makes the tab S2 shipped with Android 5.0.2 abundant steam: In the test, it worked really fast. Debilitating apps such as Photoshop elements, navigation, games, and all at the same time opened? No problem for the Galaxy tab, there not even in the stuttering. The in-house eight core of Exynos 5433, which accesses memory in addition to almost 3 gigabytes very much for a tablet. Ensures this huge propulsion

Good cameras even parallel usable

The cameras are also good: the rear lens produces photos and videos with 8 mega pixels in an ordinary quality of movies on demand even in 4 k. It’s a pity that there is no LED Photo light for poor light conditions. The camera on the front (2 megapixel) showed no major weaknesses in video calls via Skype. Beautiful: Both cameras can be used simultaneously around a snapshot by Selfie parallel with his likeness to provide

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Moderate battery life

Unfortunately lacks the battery of the tab S2 like his previous tab S stamina: In the test, the energy storage for intensive use was completely empty after six hours and 42 minutes. Comparison: the ipad air 2 creates almost four hours more.

Useful apps

Good for: the Samsung tab S2 offers useful apps. So, the tablet screen content on a notebook can be represent, for example, by Sidesync. Users can move even apps or photos your notebook on the tablet. In addition, smart switch is installed. With this apps users can sync about contacts, appointments, and other data with a laptop or Smartphone.

The best tablets

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LTE and Wi-Fi-ac series

Class, however,: home of Wi-Fi-ac in the network by brisk goes, provided on the go via LTE with maximum 300 megabits per second, have an appropriate data rate and coverage area, on-site. By LTE even calls you can make. For uncomplicated data exchange, with a fitness bracelet, Bluetooth is 4.1 on board. NFC is missing for the quick pairing Bluetooth devices such as speakers but.