Samsung Replaces HTC as Number Two in Windows Phone

Be the second platform as Windows Phone is not great prize, since the domain of Nokia with their phones Lumia is overwhelming: more than 80% of the units sold are for the Finnish manufacturer. We are going to learn more about data handling IDC on Microsoft’s system, after having met in general.

But for us it is important information, to know who’s out there behind, and in which situation. Since the beginning of the platform, until the arrival of Nokia, HTC had occupied the first place, then moving on to the second. We then had to Samsung, but recent shared data return has been given to the tortilla.

Samsung is Dominator on Android, but also has its pellizquito in Windows Phone, without making too much effort, we believe that unless that makes HTC, and without such direct support as that Microsoft was giving to the Taiwanese company.

Samsung He has put on the market a figure close to one million units in the second quarter by 7.4 million from Nokia. In market share we speak of 11.5%, which is an important rise from 6.1 per cent who had in the previous measurement (2012).

HTC I would have put on the market about 400,000 phones with Windows Phone, which correspond to a 4.6% of the market share in the second quarter. In the second quarter of last year, it sold a similar amount, but on that occasion he gave a market share of 8.2%.

Finally we have to Huawei, with a quite shy bet has managed to sell 200,000 units, with a 2.3% of the market share. In total we have that they have been sold around 9 million phones, an increase of 77.6% compared to last year.