Samsung WB350F Camera Review: Trendy and Old-School [Test]

Samsung’s compact camera offers a “smartphone” features and cool design, but it does not necessarily mean the camera smartly.

Our site a closer look at a compact camera from Samsung that brings new, cool features and a sleek design, to a classic digital camera we all are acquainted with.

While the phone certainly has taken over most of the “point and shoot” situations for our sites readers, swear a lot ever to optical zoom, intricate adjustability and magnified optics. For in the end they manage to create a better image than the cell phone. Or do they?

First and foremost, so that it is well on the user’s needs and expectations for the product. Personally, the most important thing for me, to start up as well as setting the focus and exposure happens quickly, as funny and memorable moments often not lets wait on it.

Trendy “Old School”

Just as Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, then WB350F wrapped up in leather like material, which by no means fools the notifier’s curious sausages. There are undoubtedly talking about plastic, and it gets the product to feels a little cheap. Overall experience around the 23 mm. large optics, however, is approved.

At the back we find a 3 “LCD touchscreen that does not disappoint in relation to the smart phone. The colors are without life and viewing angles can quickly transform your subject to negative-like x-ray. The buttons here, however, feels delicious and firm, which also applies to the rotating menu wheel on top of the WB350F.

However, more of the same and many configuration options be adapted both on screen, buttons and on the mountains in the rotating wheel, which in no way contributes to the clarity and ease of use for the end user.

At the top we find also the same spring affected Flash as on Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, which admittedly tends to sit down in the road. Topliggende buttons to zoom, shutter and smart wifi sharing feature is approved.

On the right side we find a snorholder, as well as a mini-USB ladeindgang, there are nice hidden by a small door that opens and closes with a highly satisfactory and spring affected the click. On the left side is made the user aware of the camera’s NFC-technology, there are built-in in WB350F.

At the bottom we find not surprisingly a screw entrance for mounting on tripod. In addition, it is also here that the door to the small 1030 mAh battery sits block up by indangen to the microSD card slot that supports up to 64 GB.

A digital still camera

Whether we like it or not, it is WB350F from Samsung, ever-a classic digital camera. It implies that you sit carefully into the possibilities, if you want good photos are shot in a hurry.

So it is not the boot time, shutter, or “presets” (for settings) there is a problem here, but instead the many different ways you can access the settings on. For experienced photographers give it might make sense, but do you get used to the smartphone universe manageable interface, so will the opportunities on Samsung smart WB350F probably does not give immediate sense.

After a considerable time with WB350F, so begins the intricate menus to find your way to the backbone, and the Interior photographer can now start looking outside the “AUTO”-the sandbox, and instead play with the chic and built-in functions, as Samsung has integrated.

However disappointment I of the limited guidance as more of the features be accompanied by. For example, that I should not feature panoramic will be pointed out that the shutter so must be kept down during the Séance. Or to a horizontal line on the 3 “large display could help keep angling during panorama-photo shoot.

Samsung also has built-in Wifi in WB350F, so you can connect to the camera via a smartphone app, and thereby get the images transferred to your phone automatically. It works flawlessly.


Fine quality but not fantastic

Samsung offers according to their website at approx. 16.3 effective pixels with WB350F. In addition, your caffeine shaking hands become beautifully offset by the built-in OIS (optical billedstablisering) that helps with getting the image up to 4608 x 3456, in pixels, to sit right in the community.

“Auto-sandbox” makes a broadly a good job with getting conjured the right settings forward in time, and if not it pleases your photo-enthusiast needs, then there are plenty of customization options, you can get lost in.

Only irritation with WB350F for me is that the automatic exposure teases when there quickly to test a fun moment. I’m already accustomed to your phone adjusts exposure with focus when I tap the screen, but how it works not on Samsung’s camera.

As in the photo section, then you have a free hand when it comes to the quality of the video footage.There are various presets, so you can choose the format and the filters.

Today’s recording has captured Aalborg Source park, which will soon put grass to Scandinavia’s largest carnival. Even if the recording is captured in beautiful, FullHD, so have the optics so a little trouble to ensure a fluid experience. However, I am sure that many will easily can be satisfied with getting knægtens first step taken with Samsung’s WB350F.

Samsung smart compact camera WB2350F also offers 21 x optical zoom. So when you force the lens out in extreme position, so can the camera get great details with as shown above. It requires a steady hand or a nearby support, if you do not already have a tripod in the back pocket.

A “smart” digital camera

If your heart still burns for a compact camera as an alternate to your smartphone, then I recommend that you take an extra look at Samsung smart compact camera WB350F.

You will instantly feel at home in the many buttons and customization options, as the category is known for, and Samsung’s fun presets to make your photos even better.

However, disappointed by the lack of guidance, and I find the options confusing. Last but not least, as is the automatic exposure adjustment not present on WB350F. The camera therefore ends on 4 out of 6 possible stars.

Samsung WB350F come in the colors black, Brown, red, white and blue. The fair price is about 1,600.0-crowns.

-Cool design
-Good pictures with zoom

-Complicated instructions and intricate settings
-Blitz is sitting in the road
-Exposure not correct with focus