São Paulo Will Have Civil Guards Using Bicycle

The mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, announced the inclusion of civil guards on the city’s bicycle paths. The proposal is for agents to cycle on exclusive bicycles to ensure proper use of the structure by the population and also to promote greater safety for cyclists.

As reported by the mayor, the project is to include three to four guards per kilometer. As the cycle plan provides for the construction of 400 kilometers of zipcodesexplorer paths throughout the city, at least 1,200 Municipal Civil Guard agents must be trained to carry out the function.

The model applied in the city of São Paulo was inspired by successful actions in other countries. “We are seeing in the international experience some cities that place the civil guard on the bicycle paths not only for assurances that the cycle paths are well used, only by the cyclists, but also to make the round of the city to be done in the cycle loop. With this, the guard will be able to monitor what is happening in the city, the local commerce, or guide a person in a more agile way,”explained Haddad.

The Ibirapuera Park had the bicycle rounds folded and, according to the mayor, theft cases in the park fell to zero. In order to be able to deploy the entire São Paulo system, the city will need to purchase more bicycles. But, the project investment is considered low.

A change in national legislation could make the system even more efficient. Pursuant to Law No. 13.022 / 2014 of August 8, 2014, sanctioned by President Dilma Rousseff, GCM may also inspect the roads, that is, municipal guards may also fine traffic offenders.

The mayor believes that the city undergoes a process of cultural change. “If people go out into the street, they take over the public space, improve street commerce, improve security, demand more lighting and asphalt. Everything happens to be a consequence of their presence. If they are in the house, they do not take ownership, the contrary happens,”Haddad concluded.