Several Windows Phone with Dual-SIM Are Glimpsed on The Horizon

Rumors machine has been launched and has thrown us another message. Various phones Windows Phone with dual SIM, a feature which in recent years has been mostly exclusive to terminals Android and that could make the leap to the terminals with the Microsoft System.

The more prepared for this is Nokia, light, which have been leaked some pictures of Lumia 720 with this dual SIM. The same source, the WPDang of china, speaks also of some HTC Touch with Windows It would include this feature, but do not mention specific models or possible features.

Nokia and HTC they currently lead the marketplace in the Windows Phone, Samsung seems to have pulled the towel which only has the ATIV S market, curiously the first WP8. Nokia has dozens of Windows smartphones in the market and is without doubt the main partner of the system, with what is not unreasonable to think that soon will launch even more models with other features so far unseen, like the dual-SIM. Dates are not known, although obviously it should not be too far away in time. A few months, perhaps in what is left of 2013 or, at best, facing early 2014.

HTC, for its part, has only two models (8S and 8 X) but the same source said that they are preparing a version of the One HTC Windows Phone 8, as well as other two terminals may also dual-SIM.