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Escape from sedentariness, have fun, distract, work your body and your mind, yes, skates can do it for you. Do you know why? During this sport practice, several motor functions are triggered and in order to maintain balance during a course, different regions of the brain are stimulated, improving concentration, improving a logical and fast reasoning, that expands to other functions unrelated to the sport, as an example : Work and studies .Anxious adults and children with attention problems may show significant improvements with few weekly training sessions.

Are you interested in skating but still do not know where to start?Do not worry, we’ve created this guide especially for you!

Our intention is to offer you the maximum knowledge on the subject so that you have a foundation at the time of purchase and find everything you need without having to spend hours browsing dozens of websites with broken and incomplete information.

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The first skates were created around 1760 and consisted of a single line of wheels. In the following century, the same alignment was maintained. Although there were improvements, the “skates” were far from versatile and the Belgian Joseph Merlin, a mechanic and manufacturer of musical instruments, devised a metal wheel, giving rise to the model used today. However, this invention was not successful at the time, since the use of two wheels ( one on each foot ) made the balance very difficult and the metal of the wheels quickly eroded the floor of the ricks, which were made of wood.

As soon as the invention was completed, Joseph wanted to show his work to the local society, then thought about making a triumphant presentation, he was a violinist and decided to gather his ” gifts “, entering a party, sliding on his skates and playing violin in the hall.That’s exactly what he did!Well, Joseph was not a good skater, not to mention, that they still had no brakes, but he could not stop and fell on a mirror.

Although an interesting idea, the online shopping for skates did not become popular immediately, however many anonymous inventors began to work on the idea of ​​Merlin, improving it. The goal: to make skates safe and easy to use .

The first patent of what would become the new skates, was M. O Petitbled in France in 1819, and then in 1823, Robert John Tyers patented the model ” Rollito “. In the patent register, the ” Rollito ” was described as a ” wheeled apparatus affixed to shoes, boots or other element that covers the foot, for the purpose of the need for locomotion and leisure .” The ” Rollito ” was made with five wheels that were fixed in a straight line.This model of roller skates won the public, and since then, it has not ceased to be sophisticated.

Beginning in 1863, with improvements made by James Leonard Plimpton, who was also the founder of the first wheel skating association in New York (NYRSA), skates became more and more similar to those nowadays called traditional skates Two pairs of parallel wheels on each foot ), or ” quad ” as they are popularly recognized in the USA In 1977, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized the Fédération Internationale de Roller Skating (FIR).


Roller skating eats the same way as hiking or cycling, but you know that no activity, including skating, can specifically burn only abdominal fat.The fat you burn as a result of this activity will be whole body fat.

Skating is an activity that improves a person’s shape levels.People who do this activity have improved the development and strength of the cardiovascular system, and improved lung capacity as well as toning muscles.Inline skating for an hour can help you burn calories as much as you burn while running, as well as strengthens your connective tissues and muscles.

Other advantages

  • When skating there are improvements in posture and fitness.
  • Increased muscular endurance.
  • Helps in the development of motor coordination and also improves respiratory conditioning.
  • Strengthening of bones, muscles and ligaments.
  • Caloric expenditure.This calorie burn is relative, varies according to each person’s metabolism, body weight, time and intensity of activity, but one can burn up to 800 calories in 1 hour of skating.



The recreation skates are simple, the cheap ones we found in the supermarket.Its structure is made of simple plastic, so they have a low durability, it is difficult to perform maneuvers, have agility, or reach speeds.Many opt for these skates because of lack of knowledge in the subject, reduced price, or accessibility. Every accessory used to practice a sport must have technology and raw material thought of in preventing the health of the user, with skates no different, skates should Be of quality, so our tip is: very careful when choosing these models, as they are not advisable for long routes or continuous use, the skates interfere directly in our posture, very cheap brands can have misalignment of the base, and the results Will be pains and problems in the spine or knees.As we are a company 100% interested in the well being of our customers, we do not commercialize this material in our site.


These are true walking skates, they may also be called recreation, but here the quality level of skates is different. Most skaters fit into this mode. These are the skates for those who want to walk in the park, on the slopes or on the streets, they have a higher price than recreational skates, but they are worth the investment, because their specifications protect your health. Here the base is made of composite, aluminum or ( rarely ) magnesium ( we’ll talk about these materials later ).The comfort of the boot is greater, even after hours of use, by the fact that the boot fastens the feet in three points: upper tab in the cinnamon, the velcro or heel strap and the shoelace in the front.They guarantee stability, agility, efficiency and speed, meaning the skater has much more control.

There are several brands of fitness skates on the market, and the difference between an X and Y brand fitness model can vary significantly.So research is an important factor.We have many fitness skates on our website, click here and see which fits your needs.

TIP – Fitness skates gain considerable survival when used on smooth surfaces such as running board and granite, yet nothing prevents you from using it on parks or paved streets.


They can be denominated of these 3 forms, it would be that skating to the free style by the city, the name itself says, we can describe like a mix of diverse modalities exist, like: to jump, to realize maneuvers, slides, turns, to run, to lower rails, to slide in Edges, making the streets infrastructure their lane, or just skate for fun with friends.There are no specific rules or places to practice, just fun to walk around and explore your skills.The skates of this modality need to be more robust and resistant, because they suffer much more impact, different brands use different specifications, the most common would be two or four smaller wheels in each foot and with low profile, which guarantees greater stability in the jumps.In the center of the base, there is a solid block used to slide the skates on handrails, this block ensures greater durability of the base during the maneuvers.


Modality that accomplishes the dribbling of cones, sharp curves or a dance on skates.Here the intention is to circumvent the obstacles, to move, finally, to make art.The skates used in Slalom are similar to the fresstyle skates, the same model can be used for both modalities, the foot is more firmly attached, the bases are reinforced and shorter and it does not have a brake in the heel, forcing the skater to brake In other ways.Slalom skates are designed to withstand sudden lateral movement without the foot losing support.


This is the skating for the brave and the experienced, it involves a lot of speed, usually it is practiced in controlled environment, in closed circuit ( indoor ) or in very few streets busy and very smooth. The skates are differentiated, their boots look like sneakers, made of carbon fiber, high-tech anti-friction aluminum base and large wheels ( 110mm in most cases ). Competitions generally occur on oval lanes and athletes reach high speeds; on corners athletes need to tilt the body at an angle of 45-50 degrees to relieve the action of centrifugal force, thus avoiding a fall or accident. Not having Cuff ( Ankle Support ) is not advised for beginners, because only with training is it possible to master this type of footwear.


They can be recreational skates, fitness, artistic or speed, but instead of wheels, they have slides to slide on the ice.


Skating practiced in Half pipes, U-shaped ramps where acrobatics, jumps with spins and slides are made.The skates used here are Street type.It consists of performing the best maneuvers and jumps in a certain period of time.The biggest jump ever recorded in the Guinness Book was Tag Khris in Paris in the year 2000, reaching 3.1 meters in height.


Very risky, indicated only for the most courageous and experienced.Requires the use of protective equipment equal to that of a motorbike practitioner, such as the use of overalls, gloves and a closed helmet, because in a fall at high speed the risk of trauma is great.

Its practice is done in streets with slopes, roads and saws.The skates used here have a longer base and 5 wheels to offer greater stability to the skates when at high speed.


The wheels are arranged like a skateboard, two in front and two behind, promoting balance and facilitating practice for beginners.Highly recommended to children.

It is used in figure skating, which involves dancing and by Rollerderby practitioners, high contact mode.Most teams are female and are practiced with parallel roller skates on an oval track in a race type.


Adjustable numbered skates are a great choice for children, teens, or adults who have questions about which number to choose.This is because, with a simple adjustment, they can be adapted to the best fit to the feet.

In our website, we have three adult skating lines that can be regulated, being: Pro Roller , Classics , and All Style , all of Bel Sports manufacturer.

Note in the photo, the presence of a button with the text PUSH, once triggered behind makes possible the adjustment so that the skids fix in the desired numbering.

How to buy skates for children

Buying skates for children with a fixed number can be a waste, because children grow fast and as soon as they lose their numbers. Here at Monster Sports we sell adjustable skates, and yes, it will accompany the growth of small feet. We have Fila , Roces and Bel Sports models.


It’s time for you to get to know the skates better, because knowing more about the components will make it even easier to choose the best model for you.


The boot is the skeleton of the skates, is the part where all structures are attached and where the liner is .

When produced in plastic or more resistant materials it is called shell ( shell ), it is now common for outer boots to be made of softer and more flexible materials, especially fitness-oriented skates.Comparing with a car, the shell is like the bodywork.Most skates manufactured today use plastic in the boot, some also have a “skin” on top of the shield so they look like “sports shoes,” or look like sneakers.

Because of the different types and styles of skating, the boots vary in size, shape and construction material, agressive skaters rely on stiffer, shock-resistant boots and are heavier because of their more resistant material, as skaters Fitness boots feature less sturdy, yet comfortable and lightweight boots, while speed skaters rely on a boot in the form of a tennis shoe and extremely light.

CURIOSITY: Some outer boots can be shaped by heat. This is the case of certain agressive and running boots, in which the athlete can literally put the boot inside the oven and heat it up, so that the boot is then molded perfectly with the foot shape, after cooling the boot, Ensuring comfort and maneuverability and unparalleled performance.

Boot ventilation system

The outer boots have ventilation system that keeps the foot breathing and cooled, and prevent odor inside your skates.The size of the ventilation varies from skates to skates.

Impact absorption systems

Some boots have an absorption system that helps in absorbing the impacts caused by skating, greatly increasing the athlete’s comfort, as well as providing safety in maneuvers and situations that require more of the feet.

Liner – Internal Foam

It is the internal removable foam of the skates, Liner would be the inner boot.She is most responsible for the comfort of the feet in skating, most of the inner boots are made with a kind of memory foam to help fit the feet.It is more common to find liners more elaborate in skates of aggressive style, after all is the modality in which the foot of the athlete suffers more impact.Some skaters use aggressive skater liners on fitness or freestyle / urban skates, both to ensure greater comfort and to customize their skates.Abroad it is common to find stores that sell this separate item, already in Brazil it is very difficult.

There are also the Xsjado, which are slightly different skates. Outwardly they are composed of plastic like the others, however, they do not have internal boot ( or linner ), being its use made with original shoes of the mark or one of preference of the user.

Pulled Tape

The pulling strap is usually located at the top of the skates, some say that it is made just to carry your skates, others say it is made to pull your skates at the time of wearing them.

TIP: Take care of your pull ribbon, do not pull hard, since the replacement of materials in Brazil is not so simple.

Liner Lace

Agressive Liners usually comes with a proper lace, meaning your skates apart from having the outer boot lace ( Shell ), still has the liner lace.

Closing Systems

Most essential part of the skates, they serve to keep your feet in place, all skates have one of the three items below, or a mixture of them for better fixation, a good fixation is essential for the good performance of the skating, safety.

They are the locks that are at the height of the cinnamon, their straps can be velcro or some type of plastic, and their receptors are usually made of some type of plastic or metal, or both, and should be fastened comfortably, so that they do not stay Very tight in cinnamon.

Latch and Velcro 45º

They are the locks that are under the instep, and can also be Velcro or some type of plastic, these latches are responsible for keeping the heel of the skater in place, avoiding the same slip.


One more guarantee that the feet always remain in the same place while patina, there are several types of shoelaces, the most common are the standard shoelaces, basically the same used in shoes and shoes.

There are also racing and the TFS system much used in Rollerblade roller skates, such a system speeds the closure of the shoelace with just one pull.As shoelaces are easy to access items in the market, and low price, are the most can be customized.


The brakes are an excellent tool for beginner skaters, they help the skater to develop their skills, their speed and balance, and gain confidence for those who are starting.The brake is included in almost all skates sold, can be replaced by a new one once the rubber reaches its limit, usually marked on the brake itself.


  1. Loosen the bolt to the last wheel.
  2. Remove the wheel.
  3. Insert the brake lock, aligning the bolt holes in the base and the brake.
  4. Insert the tooth on the brake into the groove on the back of the base.
  5. Insert the wheel.
  6. Tighten the wheel fixing bolt ( if you are removing the brake, tighten the wheel using the shortest bolt supplied with the skids ).


They are responsible for keeping the wheels attached to the bases, the bolts can have several shapes, most of them are allen, some of them are attached to the base itself, others are attached to a type of male-female.

TIP – Important part, the bolts can also generate one of the biggest problems for the skids, when the screw head dusts, therefore, extra care with this part at the time of maintenance.

Base Mounting Screw

As its name suggests, it is the bolt responsible for securing the base of the skates to the shell ( outer boot ).

Generally they can only be seen in detail when we remove the wheels from the skates, because they are inside the base.

Not all bases are removable, however choosing a model that has this functionality is good, after all, in case of wear or break it is easy to change the part, generating a much smaller investment than changing the whole pair of skates.


It looks like a simple piece, but perhaps we can classify as the most important part of the skates, the bases have as main function to connect the external boot ( Shell >) to the bearings and wheels.

The type of base used can drastically change the use of the skates.As we have seen previously, skating has several modalities, and these variations are reflected in the bases, a base for agressive usually has a reduced size, is made of some type of very resistant plastic, and allows wheels with a smaller size, usually these bases come With a format called H, where in the middle, instead of wheels we have two pieces of plastic, called Anti-Rockers that serve to slide on banister and eaves which is ideal for the style, for skating we have in general, Bases made of aluminum, composite or magnesium, lightweight and accept much larger wheels, ideal for speed and smoothness when skating.The bases for running skates are very light, made of high quality material, and accept a very large wheel configuration, guaranteeing a lot of speed.

An external boot ( Shell ) can be able to receive several different base types, the same skate, can be able to receive agressive bases, fitness base and race base, everything depends on the manufacturer, the shape of the base and its screws, it is very Interesting the range of options for customization that skates can receive, and the bases are responsible for major changes, whether visual, style or category.

The bases in some models of skates can also be configured in different positions, you can make small changes in position by changing a few millimeters from base to left, right, front or back, according to your need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This must be done by experienced skaters in contact with the roller factory, always checking for compatibility.

Some bases have configurations in which they allow wheels of different sizes without any of them remaining without touching the floor.This is the case of the Rollerblade Maxxum 100, which has 3 100mm and 1 90mm wheels, keeping large wheels for a considerable gain in speed but with a smaller base end size.

Short bases help in the agility and maneuverability of the skates;Long bases help in the balance and speed of the skates.

Materials used in the bases

When the salesman arrives and says, ” Ah these skates are better because they have aluminum bases, ” we come up with an interesting question.Many confuse the base as being the entire part of the skates, but it is not.


Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material, its specifications bring exactly these benefits to the skates, they are firmer, and guarantee a more precise answer, being light, they pack with enough facility.If your intention is to have a pair of skates with greater durability, greater precision and speed, this is the right choice.

You will note, that most skates, has as specification: Aluminum extruded 6005 series .But what does that mean?

Aluminum extrusion refers to a technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects with a definitive cross-section profile for a wide range of uses.But what about 6005?It is the type of aluminum alloy for products that require moderate resistance and are recommended for applications where the structure can be subjected to impacts or supercharging due to its excellent resilience characteristic.

TIP – Aluminum skates are actually faster than those based on composite, if you are starting, know that you will have a little more difficulty to control, during the beginning of your practice, with more experience, this will become imperceptible.If you have experience and value for performance, know that here is the right choice.Those who weigh more than 100kg should always opt for aluminum.


In theory, a composite is a material composed of matrix and reinforcement of different origins. The most well-known and most used composites are those composed of polymer matrices ( thermosetting plastics, that is, whose physical and chemical properties do not vary with temperature ) and of mineral fibers ( glass, carbon and aramid, mainly ), varying the Materials and manufacturer.

Compared to aluminum, composite has lower specifications, both in quality and durability, heavier skaters, or who live in very hot cities with temperatures above 40 °, should avoid the composite, since if exposed to such conditions, Are more likely to deform the material.

Who wants a simple, safer skating, will be well attended with the composite models, this is a valuable tip, for choosing children’s skates, because they offer control, are slower and stable.


Magnesium-based skates are rare, mainly because of the high cost involved in this material.They are lighter and more resistant than aluminum, indicated to those who do not care about the value of the investment and want even the technology.


The bearings are responsible for determining the speed of your skates, allied to the wheel, these items will make the skates slower or faster.

Regarding the speed of your bearing, be aware of the ABEC classification, as it denotes the quality of materials and precision used in the bearing manufacturing.Bearings of a higher rating are of higher quality.

Although they do not vary in size, they vary in quality. When you choose to buy low cost bearings, they tend to be made with cheaper materials. The more expensive bearings are actually made with better sealing and metal beads with superior quality. There are also bearings of different materials ( Steel, Ceramics, Bone, etc. )


Most bearings are rated ABEC grade.The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate and accurate the bearing will be.This grading system includes notes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15. The closer you get to an ABEC 15 rating, the less friction and the faster the bearing will be.

One of the problems of the ABEC classification is that this is an industrial classification, used for machine bearings, gears and other products.The bearings were created long before they were thought to apply them to skates.

The most expensive skates have precision bearings that are marked with the ABEC 5, ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 scale. The most accessible skates utilize less precise bearings such as ABEC-1 and ABEC-3.

Important Tips

Each wheel of your skates needs 2 bearings, if your skates have 4 wheels on each foot, you will need 2 sets of bearing, thus adding up to 16 units.

If you need to replace your bearings, there is great news, roller bearings are the same as roller bearings, and the skate industry produces bearings through high investments and technology, such as Monster Bearing, Bones Reds or Mini Logo.


Wheels are the component of skates that will be in contact with the ground, and their quality is essential, bad wheels prevented good performance.


  • PVC – This is a low performance plastic used on old skates, of poor quality, or in some cases on classic skates.
  • Polyurethane – Is the best material available for wheel manufacture, whether a good wheel?Use the polyurethane ones!This material is dominating the skateboarding, longboarding and roller skating industry due to its chemical properties, offering durability and abrasion resistance.In addition to their performance benefits, PU wheels are also relatively cheaper to manufacture, so you do not have to pay a lot to get a quality product, after all they last a long time and changing them will be something you will do very often.
  • “GEL” – Gel wheels do not exist, they are called by that name, but “gel” wheels are actually wheels in pvc or transparent polyurethane.


The diameter of the wheels is the circumference of the wheel measured in mm.The larger the diameter, the faster the wheel.In contrast, the smaller, slower, but more stable.

How to choose the right size for the wheels?

  • 80mm wheels are suitable for beginners.
  • 84mm wheels are suitable for intermediaries.
  • Wheels above 100mm are indicated to the highest peers.

When choosing a wheel size for skates, consider how much experience you have.Larger wheels are faster and more difficult to control.A beginner skater should stick to smaller wheels, which are easier and are not so fast.More experienced skaters can choose larger wheels for greater speed.Wheels that are between 72 mm and 80 mm are considered good size for an average skill, for a recreational skater.

Another important detail is to make sure that the wheels of the skates fit properly in the structure of boots. The user manual that comes with the skates should list various sizes that will work with each specific model, if you have access to this information, seek the assistance of the factory of your skates, to get the correct information.

Think also about the skates will be used more often. For example, to play hockey on skates, the wheel size should be smaller, because they respond quickly and control is required in this game. For competitive racing, speed is more important then the wheels must be as large as the ability to allow skater.

TIP – Be aware that larger wheels last longer than smaller ones. The large wheels require less speed than smaller ones to walk the same distance, so the smaller will wear faster.

How to caster wheels of the skates

As mentioned, the rodizio is a simple procedure that increases the lifetime of the wheels. The following tip following rodizio.


  1. Remove the first wheel ( the front ) of the left skate and place it at the third position of the right skate. Insert the third wheel in the first area of the left foot.
  2. Repeat the first step in the right skate.
  3. Remove the second wheel of the left skate and place it in the fourth position of the right skate. Place the fourth wheel in the open space of the left skate.
  4. Repeat the third step in the right skate.
  5. Try a different spin up the skates become uncomfortable. Move the wheel position four to position one, and then one to two, two to three three to four. Place your left skate wheels on the right.


The cuff is the part of the skates that surround and hold the ankles. It is he who enables you to perform maneuvers that folds the standing safely without the risk of twisting. Some new models with technology “v-cuff” allow movements almost do when we are barefoot, all providing full security to the skater.


It allows the joint to and fro when skating, the first-line models have a greater range of motion compared to lower quality skates, and the largest movement consequently gives us more softness while skating.


The Soulplate is the card that allows the realization of fittings and pipes in corners. Thanks to Soulplate can slide scooting. In some aerial maneuvers in which it holds the skates, the Soulplate are also used. It is in them that is held in the hand.


The Backslide is the concavity is in the middle of skates between Soulplates the front and back.

Certain maneuvers are only possible with this hollow that holds the rail after the jump. In some models the skates Backslide is separated from Soulplate, and others are together.


H-Block is the middle of the base. This region is much contact in all maneuvers. The wear in this area is very large. This block in the middle makes the strongest base not letting it break easily, enabling the use for months. Some basic models have the H-block freestyle. This type of H-block basis takes all the space not allowing the use of wheels in the middle.


The way they are applied his shoelaces may seem trite, but its proper mooring is critical to the proper functioning of the equipment, its durability and performance. No matter if you do figure skating, playing ice hockey or simply walk skates, but well-adjusted bonds are the key to a good shape. While all skaters fasten your shoelaces while the tie, the secret to firmly ties is a good technique. There are several techniques that demonstrate the following:

Lock Mode

Also called as cross method of mooring, which consists of passing the laces over the hole, always ” outside ” to ” inside ” of the boot. Follow the process to the end, even going through the ” Loop stop ” serving only to maintain alignment of the tab when you use the skates.

By putting on the skates it is important to remember to pull the tab until the boot is tight, keeping the heel well supported on the jump. After that make sure that the mooring does not exert excessive pressure on the instep. In the ankle area is recommended to perform the same cross mooring, using all available hooks.

WARNING – Excessive pressure on the laces tying limits blood circulation and hinders bending of the ankle and achilles tendon pressing. Therefore the correct pressure on the hooks should be sufficient to ensure perfect lateral support and vertical resistance, to ensure the protection of the ankle and Achilles tendon.

Loops shaped zipper

The tie-shaped zipper holds the strands together in each eyelet. This allows lower ties remain firm and without slipping, while adjusting the top. Thread the shoelace through the lower two turns on each side. Take each end up through the back and below the main loop wire. Cross the tip on the next eyelet on the other side. Repeat the process until you reach the top. Tie the laces at the top with a common bond.

Tying with us

Passing the cord through the lower two loops on each side. Cross the ends of shoelaces over each other twice, to create the simple knot. Pass the end of the string for the next eyelet on the opposite side from which it came. Repeat the process on each level, until you reach the top. Tie the strings together at the top with a common bond.

Tying with trellis us

The lattice design creates a section of truss cross in the middle of the skates. Passing the cord through the lower two loops on each side. Insert the shoelace eyelets every three places up the opposite side. Take each loop back below the eyelets two places back on the opposite side and across the back. Repeat the process, braiding the upper cords into and out of each other, creating the effect of lattice. Do this on each level, until you reach the top. Tie the lace on top with a common bond.

Tying in us bars

Tie bars skates eliminates diagonal cord underneath the ties, which may reduce the pressure at the top of the foot. Thread the shoelace through the lower two turns on each side. Insert one end down and up in the eyelet directly on it. Pass the other end under and up into the eyelets to two places up. Cross down each strand in opposite eyelets. Repeat up the eyelets, alternating which end jumps one eyelet at a time. Make a common bond at the top.


Wearing skates

Open the security mechanisms, such as locks, buckles and laces.

  1. Place your feet on the skates, making sure they are comfortable.
  2. Adjust the laces, so that they are firm, but not too tightly.
  3. Close the security mechanisms.

How buckles

The buckles have adjustment mechanisms, allowing anyone to get the closing pressure that you are better. To close, adjust and open, just do some simple movements.


  1. First lift the buckle closure,
  2. Press the latch and remove the toothed belt.


  1. Insert lock the toothed belt and maintaining the raised buckle, the belt pass the latch.
  2. To complete the operation, close the buckle.
  3. For tightening, the buckle open and push the toothed belt forward one or two slots, then close the buckle.

To relax

The buckle lock can be released temporarily, for example during an interval of time:

  1. Lift up the buckle. Put your lever in its previous configuration.
  2. To return to the previous closing grip, close the buckle.

Stretching before skating

Although underestimated by most skaters, stretching is important to maintain mobility and smoothness of movements, in addition to preserving your health.

Can be carried out gentle stretching, done correctly, it is recommended to stretch the muscles to a point of mild tension, holding the position for 10 to 30 seconds, without pain. If you stretch to a point that does not feel comfortable or feel pain, it is advisable to decrease slightly the intensity of stretching until it reaches a point that you feel comfortable.

For advanced stretching, starts from the position that you were keeping the previous stretching and go a little further until you feel a mild tension again in the muscles. Again hold the position for 10 to 30 seconds. Gradually you will feel the tension in the lower muscle. Again, if you do not feel comfortable decrease the intensity of the stretch.

How to adapt to the skates and let them comfortable

Like other footwear, the skates are more comfortable with the passage of time, getting more comfortable, which means less bubbles, less fatigue and more fun with skates.


Buy skates good quality and a good fit. Soften your new boots will be much easier if you buy a quality pair that fits reasonably well on their feet from the start. You should be able to move his fingers, and boots should not slip feet.

Soften the skates wearing them without necessarily skating with them. So that your feet get used to them and they fit your feet.

Do this at odd moments during the week if you want to skate a few minutes in the yard or porch of his house, so that you as well softens them, will getting used to balance on top of them.

Skate for very short periods at the beginning and stop even if your feet are not hurting. Do not be too eager. It is best to complete the softening process without gaining a single bubble. Increase your time slowly and stop when you feel any pain. The laces should be looser, your speed should be low and not make any maneuver. Take it easy. There will be plenty of time to skate more exciting fashion when the boots are softened.

Wear extra socks during the break-in period is an excellent idea. Many athletes of various types ( including skaters ) use two pairs of socks regularly. Socks not only cushion your feet, but also reduce friction.


Before you start skating recommend that you literally walk on a surface that does not slip, such as grass, carpet, upholstery, etc. To get used to the feeling of balance on the skates.

Do not be shy, ask for help

Learn from someone’s help is much easier, so we suggest holding in an adult, always with his left hand, leaving his right arm slightly extended body next to improve balance.

But what if you have no one to help me?

So hold on a wall bar or side edge, with his right hand leaving his left arm extended a bit body side to improve balance. If you do not have walls with space, bars or side edges at the place where you are starting, be sure to find someone to help you, at least until you get a little more balance.

How should I position myself first?

Anatomically, the two heaviest parts of the body are the head and hip, then these parts must be aligned on an imaginary straight line ( axis ) which distributes the weight over and through the skates. Tilt the body slightly forward will be a natural tendency of the beginner, as it is safer to fall forward than back.

Why is it important to arms outstretched?

As well as those acrobats who walk on a tightrope using a stick to improve balance, the skater should let your arms extended at your sides and slightly forward with the same purpose.

What are the most common mistakes?

  • Hang on the sidebar or the person who is helping with both hands causes lateral inclination of the upper body, thus making it difficult to balance and one’s work is helping. This is quite normal for beginners, usually caused by fear to take the first fall. Remember to balance its axis should be located in the center of your body, so do not confuse handle with hang.
  • Push the sidebar with your hands to make impulse can be dangerous, causing that their legs are driven forward and your body is stuck on the bar. Thus, instead of gaining speed, you will gain a tumble.
  • Try slipping suddenly or do strange things cause before you know it, the loss of control on the balance of your body. These are attitudes that often cause the worst falls.

Security Tips

As we have seen, the skating is a sport that allows skaters to move at high speeds, burn as many calories as runners or cyclists. The disadvantage is that more than 32,000 skaters get hurt each year, according to the US National Security Council. Forearm fractures are the most common injury among enthusiasts of skates, so safety precautions should be the main focus when pondering what are the dangers of the practice

Protection equipment

Many skaters ignore basic safety rules, practicing sport, without any protective equipment. In other cases, skaters use their equipment, but it is common to see the use of inadequate equipment sizes. Safety helmets significantly reduce the chances of brain damage. Equipment protect the wrists, knees and elbows when they fall and hit the ground.


Learn the proper techniques to fall so you can avoid a serious injury. For example, try squat your body as you fall to the ground to cushion himself, according to the website of experts in children of San Diego. Another method requires you to fall on your shoulders and hips before rolling for you to spread your weight more evenly when the ground. Practice these stunts on a grassy area or a gym mat before testing their skills on the asphalt.


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