Smartphone Marshall London in the Practice test: the Rock N Roll-Mobile

Practice test Marshall London

Marshall London is tailored for musicians and music lovers, and delivered a convincing performance in terms of sound in the practice test. On all other levels processor, memory, cameras & co. Is the Smartphone but only better mediocrity. Per sound, very good sound recording function, many apps for musicians two headphone inputs against mediocre performance high price satisfactory assessment of editorial Marshall is known to most people as a manufacturer of guitar amplifiers. When Marshall now brings an Android Smartphone on the market called London, nothing else may actually come out as the cult Mobile for musicians, music lovers and rock fans. And all the cliches of rocker at the start are actually already when unpacking the mobile phones: A tattooed hand on the cardboard and a guitar plectrum on the inside cover of the Headbanger mantra long live rock n roll paper cover and even the removable battery.

Grip, folkart and expensive

The Smartphone that 2015 officially introduced Marshall at the IFA in Berlin, is outwardly strongly modeled after the famous amplifiers. A rubberized edge with rough diamonds profile makes the London handy and handy, despite comparatively powerful dimensions of 149, 4 x 74, 7 x 9, 8 millimeter at 145 gram weight. Who has ever worn the heavy Marshall tube amps, can smile about it of course just tired. The typical ribbed faux leather back with the inlaid curved Marshall logo, as well as the white border around the display make the impression: the Marshall London looks like his role model in your pocket with touch display and phone function. But the price is reminiscent of big brother: Marshall for the London calling 549 euro for it you get already a real tube.

Smartphone for geeks… Music geeks

Makes the great strengths of London smartphones since manufacturers no secret out of it are his skills in music, and in all areas: listening, recording, mixing. The base provides audio processor, in which the Harman audio technology called Clari Fi is a Cirrus Logic WM8281. It should can very well analyze the audio quality of compressed digital music files such as MP3, improve and play. In the practical test, the acoustics were impressed by actually: the sample MP3s of Michael Jackson to Machine Head with 256 kbit / s sounded on the Marshall London, differentiated and for those who like really loud. Because the Smartphone on the front two speakers is equipped, makes this phone even without a connected headset powerful pressure. While Marshall also may not conjure up there are just small speakers, but with cheap Bluetooth boxes or similar mobile speaker systems, how they plug into the HTC one M8, it may take the London playing. The supplied in-ear – headphones do a still better job of Marshall of course. Who hears not only music, but also produces or mixes, welcomes installed DJ apps and a four-track recorder. The audio technology in the device enables 44-khz/16-bit recording, the latency should be close to zero. Proof is however still due to missing Zübehörs to connect about guitars. Marshall promises but that accessories are coming soon. This should then similar work for ios devices such as the apogee-jam interfaces (about iphone, ipad).

Marshall London in detail

Marshall button and volume wheel

Also the physical controls of the Smartphones are designed for music: in addition to the mandatory on – / off switch London has a golden wheel to adjust the volume, and on the top of a so-called Marshall button, with which the unit immediately switches to the music player. There was thus a music button in the pre-Smartphone era, such as Sony Ericsson of’s walkman series, but it is useful for music freaks still. The volume wheel is simply practical and chic and launches the on-board photo app on pressure completely unmusikalisch. Also notable: Thanks to two Sockets two users can with the London at the same time listening to music and separately regulate even sound and volume.

Good display, but not brilliant

The LCD screen has a diagonal of 4.7 inches (11,94 centimeters) at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (HD). That’s neat, but given the now increasingly frequent full-HD standard not exceptional, everyday, but usually more than sufficient. The appearance is very sharp, the colors are saturated, the contrast is crisp. Who is not on the hunt for superlatives, will be satisfied with the quality of the display.

Processor, memory, dual SIM

Most of the computational work in the London Smartphone a clocked at 1.2 gigahertz quad-core processor Snapdragon Qualcomm 410 does. Should be 2 gigabytes (GB) of memory, but only 1.85 GB, attested to the Geekbench 3 analysis tool. The internal memory contains 16 gigabytes and is expandable via microsd up to 128 GB. This is in terms of memory in order, but the processor is by today’s standards at most in the lower middle class. In comparison with the already elderly high end device Galaxy S5 reached the Marshall London with Geekbench 3 just times the half score. About the London, the likely performance fetishists turn up their noses.

Video on the subject

A real Smartphone by Marshall strange idea. But that showed the amplifier veteran at the IFA 2015 rocking it? IFA 2015: Marshall shows rock n roll with SIM card

Only conditionally suitable for game

Marshall is at least honest: in the self description of the phone the manufacturer quoted emergency for nerds. But perfect for players. (Translated as: nothing for techies, but perfect for players) And in the next sentence immediately clears up that players not gamer meant is, but musicians. The former will have no great fun with the device: even with angry birds 2 had the Marshall already plow, if the piggy pyramids in graphical debris, ash and clouds of dust fell apart to provide a liquid just game experience. Do you mean: simple games are possible with the London, but it was then too.

Operating system and battery

The London comes with Android 5.0.2 lollipop from the packaging. There are good additional apps for musicians (DJ app, recorder, equalizer with preset memory), but no visible modifications to the operating system. The waiver of any clever optimizations of handling, but also means that the London at an upcoming Android update is probably at the front. The removable battery joins with 2,500 mah in the solid technical mediocrity of the other components away from the processing of music.

The Smartphone news 2016/2017


The 8-megapixel camera on the back and the 1.9-megapixel front camera deliver good photos and Selfies. A Flash provides illumination in the dark. The sample images can be found as links in this test convey an impression of the quality of the photo. The photos are comparatively low noise even in slightly poorer light conditions and show more details in zoom. The video resolution of the rear camera can be in the camera settings to SD level (420 p) lower.

Radio equipment

London the communication standards GSM, UMTS, and LTE to maximum of 150 Mbps is dominated Wi-Fi a/b/g/n on Board standards. The Bluetooth version 4.1 comes befitting with aptx support for audiobooks in CD quality.

Bottom line: Marshall London

Music’s may be difficult for most smartphones, the Marshall London to reach the whisk(e)y. That starts with the sound chip, goes beyond lush connection and convenient access options and continues in the standard software equipment: Marshall London is tailored for musicians and music lovers, and delivered a convincing performance in terms of sound in the practice test. On all other levels processor, memory, cameras & co. Is the Smartphone but only better mediocrity. Price, the London but with 550 euros in the upper class wants to play with. This phone despite superior sound quality therefore hardly behind the sofa brings Smartphone fans. It is also questionable whether the inclined rocker really his (usually paltry) fee for a phone out skin. Maybe telephoned it simply with the old Nokia bone further and thereby ever glows above the tube. So by Marshall…