Sony C680X, The Machinery in The Japanese Firm Is Not for

With the Xperia Z newcomer to Japanese shelves and a fair week landed in our markets, it seemed that Sony was going to have a very quiet MWC2013 teaching which is rightfully his best terminal so far and the flag of the current Android market.

However, the Japanese manufacturer machinery never stops, and if the Xperia Z responds to the C660X code, already the first have been by the network data relating to a device known as a C680X, He has appeared in the records of the official tests of HTML5.

We are talking about a code model theoretically superior, so it would be a replacement in the top of the range for a terminal that has not yet come, and that probably makes appearance act after the summer, just as happened with the T Xperia.

The only thing we know for certain is that you it’s another device with display FullHD, so it is likely that Yes is a high-end, but we don’t know if we have Xperia Togari, the rumored future hybrid between tablet and phone of the company, or other smaller device.

Also curious to see that it directly uses the latest version of Android, 4.2 Jelly Bean, which confirms that this device would come to the market with this version and that Sony has advanced already its update so not take much to get to the Xperia Z.