Sony Details Mode Stamina and The Bravia Engine 2 Xperia Z in a Few Explanatory Videos

We could say that the Xperia Z managed to become the most outstanding CES 2013 smartphone, above other proposals from other manufacturers. Sony has released a few promotional videos to teach features specific of its new flagship.

In particular we see their new imaging technology BRAVIA Engine 2 and its Stamina mode to save battery power when the terminal is at rest.

In the Stamina mode, as we explain, we can select the services that you want to disconnect, among a long list in which you will find wireless connections, synchronization, led for notifications or even calls and incoming messages.

But you can also select applications that we want to keep running while the phone is in this mode and standby. Once we unlock the phone, the applications and processes again run normally.

With regard to the BRAVIA Engine 2, Sony explains that challenge is to get a few more vivid colors without changing the tones of skin, such as our memory it stores, and is what they say that this technology has achieved.

Finally the Japanese manufacturer boasts of all the outstanding aspects of the Xperia Z: your screen, its finishes, your camera, your resistance to water and dust and its compatibility with televisions certification.