Sony Launches My Xperia, Your Smartphone Localization Service

My Xperia Sony, We had already heard that name before, and is that months ago it was rumored as the service of storage in the cloud of the Japanese manufacturer for their smarpthones. However, yesterday it was new location for Xperia phones service Sony.

The new service is currently in pilot phase, and is only usable in the Nordic countries for the Xperia Acro S users, although it is expected that progress in its implementation to get little to other devices and countries.

With my Xperia we can manage your device remotely as they do other services implemented and most known as Cerberus. The application will allow terminal location on the map, block, or do a wipe of data to avoid problems of privacy in case of theft.

It is a type of service that HTC has already proved with its ecosystem Sense, although he had to turn it off then, and seems to be another bet of Sony for grow your Xperia brand also in services added value.

We’ll see over time if Sony is able to fast forward on its implementation, and also see if get become a success among their Xperia smartphones, could give something that is given that most users do not know the similar tools available in Play Store and directly installed on your terminal service could be an incentive.