Sony Yuga of Demonstrates New and Already Have Authoritative Opinion

With terminals FullHD hitting the market, Oppo Find 5-head, is not surprising that Sony has returned to move with their cutting-edge devices for the 2013 campaign. Leaks are brand watchword, and although it is not nothing new because we had seen him, we new images of the Sony C6603 Yuga, the future flagship of Sony for its Xperia range.

The images have appeared in the famous Russian portal Mobile-Review, so, as expected, an authoritative voice as the of Eldar Murtazin has spoken about the device After having tested the prototype.

In his opinion, are to an almost perfect device, very nice and well built, technologically advanced and very powerful, but that overheats. Obviously, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, is to blame, although obviously that the proven terminal is a prototype, is the most likely cause and will be improved for its placing on the market.

Although we have already seen how the Nexus 4 kernel it has had to add a limitation to contain problems of temperature in the different tests that we’ve been seeing of terminals with this chipset, problems of heat out of the ordinary, not have referred so surely it is not a serious problem.

When will we see officially the new Xperia Odin and Yuga?