Soundfreaq SFQ-02 Sound Step in the Practice Test

The manufacturer of Soundfreaq wants to get rid of clutter the music system and relies not only on the iGeräte of Apple, but remains with his technique always also for competitors as a playing partner in conversation. AUDIO exactly looked, what the “Freaqs” at the SFQ-02 all concocted and how far the idea of cable-free sound fun in practice works.

Still there: the visionaries and thinkers, often freaks called for special approaches in spite of globalization and their cars stalled in part to implement an idea. So the engineers and designers who have teamed up and founded a new brand, to the cable clutter around an end to make the music system.

With the Soundfreaq sound platform SFQ-01, a Bluetooth system with iPod / iPhone docking station, where it all started. It goes one step further, to the cable-free life become reality, SFQ-02now with the sound step recharge . AUDIO took the small wireless warranty more closely scrutinized.

The design according to the principle “rectangular canteen good” and the touch qualities of small, only 33 x 9.5 x 13 cm large docking station are extremely well managed. Despite its compact dimensions, the sound step by the shrewd chassis arrangement with inserted iPad want to make any compromises and manages that the soundscape can spread freely.

But above all the small detail solutions are what make the small system particularly smart: for example, the cover of the dock port on the back of the unit when not in use can be stored, the remote control finds a space-saving “garage” on the bottom of the device – and the bass port also serves as a handle. Alternatively, to all Bluetooth devices, and thanks to the power supply by battery packs on the terrace or in the garden to play up to six hours without mains make SFQ-02 can be used the Sound Step .

Another successful coup is that the Bluetooth data transmission makes the device in conjunction with an iPhone or other Mobile device to Internet radio, streaming client and the party jukebox for hobby-DJs.

And even the small Sound Step can quite convincing. Tiptoe through the tulips and fine it brings the sound in the Auditorium. The built-in UQ3 DSP creates it significantly to expand the stage and the layers of the frequency direct and appealing sound.

That the two 2 ‘wide strips and the 3’-woofer not the dynamics of Geneva S or a B & W Zeppelin mini can ignite, is acceptable face of the size and the price difference. Allow that the engineers have set to fixed settings of the DSP and no adjustment, however, is a shortcoming. A third setting the somewhere between on and off is located would be namely often welcome to better customize playback too dull to the off position, dynamiklose and too harsh when switched on DSP and easily discolored in the Center. Also the SFQ-02 sound step in the reproduction of the low frequencies holding back nicely, what if its size however was also no big surprise.


For those who have no fixed place to your music system, the field want to determine independently by a cable laying and also Internet radio (via PC or Smartphone to receive) and their music via stream want to receive (the streaming works with AirPlay or PlugPlayer for example), is highly recommended the Soundfreaq sound step recharge SFQ-02. Another plus: it is set so not to the Apple ported.

Technical data:

·         WxHxD: 33 x 9, 5 x 13 cm

·         iPod dock (iPad compatible)

·         Bluetooth music streaming / A2DP compatible

·         USB port for charging mobile devices (not on battery power)

·         Video output

·         Aux in (3.5 mm jack)

·         Battery operation

·         Remote control

·         Free app

·         Price: 189 euro