Sponsored Post: Elegance Without Heel

You remember that last week I did a post about my delicious talk withJu Bicudo?

Since the day we were there for hours chatting, I ended up (obviously) poking around the store. And one of the things I found most of the shoes of the Ju is like have a lot of options for shoes and sandals creeping hyper comfortable, but at the same time, super stylish, explained by SPORTSQNA.

And then I remembered that brouhaha of the Cannes Film Festival this year that had a women barred at the door because it was trailing, you remember?

Well. To sum up the story: I proposed to Ju of us make a post here on the blog, proving that you can be very elegant, even wearing shoes kids. The Ju agreed and I rode four looks cute and thin and we photographed everything in colored walls Batman’s alley in Vila Madalena. Oh! Responsible for the beautiful photos of this post here is the Flavia More (which, incidentally, is a wedding photographer horrorshow). So let’s see how that got this Union of beauties “all there?

Thin Pro Day

Is there anything more chic than wear white during the day in summer.Just a fluid dress and accessories neat and you go to any event fine during the day (less wedding, right?). That I’m using on the look is well Darling. As he is in one piece pleated, manages to be beautiful, chic and super comfortable, all at the same time.

As the design of the dress is very minimalist, chose big ones and earrings as bracelets, all with gold, to let the whole thing even more thin. Feet, beautifully cut of Ju Oxfords that means tea rose with details in old gold.

Can To Keep Them Alive Chic

Jeez that now we dare! Chic shoe down and bermuda? Yes Ma’am! After all, it’s not just any shorts, right? It is a bermuda gold, Brazil! And here’s more: I think this look chic in the last for these end-of-year events that we end up going.

Again, the accessories they did a hell of a role here to elevate the look to another level: brincão, pulseirão, and the gold prevail. So the wallet (also from Ju, and with good price-R$89,00, little Christmas xuxu) a darker tone was essential for a broken and not let the look very monothematic issue.

Urban Modernete

You know I love a contrast. So no wonder that I find quite nice (and fun) to join a party with almost a shabby t-shirt (if it is tied with a knot at the waist then, forget it). Is beautiful, young and very unusual.

And as the skirt is this beautiful thing and women live, have opted for a more delicate femmes, a silver tone to match the new look more tracks.

Pure Romance

I walk well chipped in that dress. I guess that’s the outfit that I wore this season in Brazil. But how can you resist? It’s beautiful, light, fluffy, super nice to use and nothing obvious.

In this look, I put a silver brincão to give this aspect more nocturnal to history.

Feet, chose a pointy sneaker with strips to tie like a Gladiator. The cool thing is that you can tie them up, as I used in the picture, or even ankle (great with pants).

I was in love with this shoe precisely because he is so versatile. Out this kind of art deco design which, let’s face it, that gorgeous.

Have you seen? Can you stay super stylish without having to necessarily go up a super jump. So, enjoy it and already assembles the look of your sandals that we’re already almost in December and has a lot of party coming up!