SUOP Flexibility Even More Prepaid with New Bonds of Voice and Data

SUOP, the OMV’s collaborative spirit that pays its users to help others and make proposals, today completes its offer of prepaid card with new new bonds of voice It complemented with different bonds data to better adjust to the different needs of users.

Default rate stays in 1 cent min and 0 cents among more customers an establishment of 18 cents without the need of hiring internet and no fee although those interested in delete the call set-up, the new bonds of voice that may be combined with different bonds data and get a rate with a set price to hire in prepaid.

Specifically three new bonds have been launched: Talk SUOP with 25 minutes for 1.50 euros, Speaks SUOP with 60 minutes for 3.50 euros and Blabla SUOP with 120 minutes for 6 euros that can be combined with existing data from 150 MB, 550 MB bonds or the improved bonus data from 1.5 GB.

In addition, bonds remain renewable at any time without having to wait to have usual 30 days for your automatic renewal and it is not obligatory to have them hired permanently to enjoy a better price in the voice rate.

Details offer full tariff SUOP