Switch off the Annoying Windows Status Messages of the Printer

Who spend his documents to network printers can be, which is confronted as a rule with the status message “Document has been sent to the printer” . It is good to know that the document has been passed, but this message could be troublesome in the long term. The printer control of the operating systems offers the possibility to disable this status message.

Status message “Document has been sent to the printer”.

Disable status message in Windows 7

Windows 7 must one by moving himself from the start menu section “Devices and printers” to the respective model. For the affected printer, you can disable the status messages by pressing the button “Print server properties”. This button is not available, get clicking the right-pointing arrow symbols to the option “Show more commands” to the “Print server properties” menu and can remove the checkmark at the position of the notification of the network printer via the option “Advanced”.

Select from “Devices and printers” to the “model”, then the button “Print server properties”.

Disable status message in Windows Vista

Windows Vista shows up as something more complicated. Here, you get about the launch, in the Control Panel, where you must first call printer, the option “Advanced” and then file and server properties. But there is also a shorter way, which unfortunately is not described in the manual. You can simply make a right click with the mouse in an open printer folder and comes directly to the server properties, where the status messages can be shut down.

Remove status message in Windows XP

The process is similar to Windows XP. Starting from the launch, the functions of printers and fax machines, file and server properties Advanced options must be called here one after the other. Factory, the informational notifications for local printers are disabled while they are active for network printers. If you check out a mouse click “Show informational notifications for network printers” in the position, one spared in future the status messages.