Swype Reach Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to End of Month

A few weeks ago we had us to echo one of the more frustrating news that might have to read an Ice Cream Sandwich holder after several months of waiting and some with the effort that brings to install a ROM and it may be fairly stable to satisfy oneself. And is that sadly, by the new ICS configurations Swype for Android 4.0 retired.

The reason for removing one of the best keyboards of Android’s latest flavor of Google, so many people have been waiting for with impatience was for touch pads that leverages the Galaxy Nexus, since there are problems with the buttons on the keyboard overlay, causing serious errors for users and to provide a bad experience Swype prefers not to give her.

But waiting soon comes to an end for these suffered with a sweet tooth, and that Swype has officially confirmed that the development is almost finished and that they are preparing an update for its users, It will be ready for end of month, date in which this keyboard will be available to enjoy one of the smejores experiences when writing on a smartphone.