T + A Solitaire CWT 500 Test

Who wants to become an acclaimed soloist at the ballet, you need to get the step beyond the magical line. The acoustic proximity to the audience looking for the electrostatic line spotlight in the T + A Solitaire CWT 500 (14000 euro per pair) – and sensational visibility.

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Who is back on the stage, will be barely noticed in the theatre by the audience. The musical “A chorus line” will take this fight to the soloist roles in a dramatic climax. Applies also in the case of speakers: who not clearly focused at large intervals of listening on the listener, in excess of the indirect sound acoustically goes under.

Siegfried Amft so long had the dream to build a speaker with a spotlights of line of , which bundles the sound vertically strong and acoustically hides so the listening room by T + A. To achieve this goal, large heating panels are a horribly – but not convinced the electrostatic fan in the midrange.

So, the idea to combine an electrostatic with an array of dynamic midrange drivers stood at the beginning of the Solitaire series. The goal: the ideal of a cylindrical wave emitter approaching, which hides the ground – and ceiling reflections and damped in little spaces carries further. However, the implementation proved to be challenging: the converter needed to be constructed exclusively from scratch for the Solitaire CWT 500. Coming out is a foil measuring 45 x 5 cm.

It is divided into segments, be addressed slightly differently to homogenize the dispersion. It allows an extremely low-distortion operation up to 2000 Hz down. To get the bonding characteristics of also including a Triple Pack plays in the mid range 12 cm clay. These are so close to each other, that their noise components to an approximate cylinder shaft add up without that there will be sound harmful interference in the listening area. To prevent this side of the listening area, the separation between the two line spotlights is steep. Naughty area

Electrostatic is said to a subjectively “quick” play like. The psychoacoustic explanation aims less to speed, rather on more direct and clearer reflections playing in the room. The problem: The bass must work a harmoniously into the fabric. A matching line spotlight would have blown up the dimensions of the box clearly, experiments with designs or reflexes fell through in the hearing test: “even the driest line is not as dry as the combination” reveals Amft.

So was chosen on a closed case that is used in the case of the CWT 500 by a couple of eight ZOLLER at the sides. To avoid bundling effects, play this just below 240Hz, are screwed together using rods and swing it in the opposite direction. The advantage: The transmission of structure-borne sound on the housing is almost entirely wiped out. Conversely, to decouple the box from the floor, an additional base plate made of solid aluminium in addition to spikes serves as resonance inhibitors.

Only well prepared

Who wants to listen to a Solitaire, should arrangements urgently, without which threatens a bust: a stereo triangle of at least 3, 5 meters distance build that angle a box, avoid reflective surfaces behind the listener. And before the sounding of the first tone is: sit down! Standing up quickly to listen – that doesn’t work, the vertical listening area is aimed at sofa’s friends.

But then, incredible happens: an infinitely accurate panorama of all 200 musicians built up slowly in the “Agnus Dei” from Dvorak’s Requiem (Jansons, RCO), the T + A followed by the increasingly complex chord layers of this exception work not only perfectly staggered, but also completely stress-free and transparent. It was formally thought breathing every singer and the movement of each musician to follow.

As it seemed to amalgamate KEF Reference 207/2 on the peak of sound massing at some point was their resolution work and the individual musicians, since the T + A with the Bell-clear voice of tenor Klaus Florian Vogt trumped up, that arose almost heavenly about the scene. This remained the CWT 500 also always on the side of something more direct, completed the space while to the rear, but not so deeply lit him up like the KEF.

In Herbie of Hancock’s “cantaloupe Iceland” (“Hancock Iceland”, Chesky) especially the precision of bass was asked: the T + A showed a smooth, through all tabs by double bass and drums schlackenfrei crunchy, but also rich in low frequency. He harmonized the saxophone millimetre in the space provided, the immediate transparency and the rich dynamics excellently.

With Fury In The Slaughterhouse “brilliant thieves” gave some Studio monitor-like to the CWT and pointed with their ultimate resolution on production limits, without any unpleasant turned them out or took their natural drive to the music. This box requires absolute concentration on the music – and rewarded the audience with a glimpse of musical worlds, as he could not be more precise.


Followers of electrostatic are usually a no-compromise people, which rejects other principles. With the cylinder shaft, they have even a good Room acoustics argument on their side. T + A with the Solitaire, creates the sensation and for the first time combines the advantages of foil converters, dynamic chassis and line Spotlight: ultra precise, transparent and yet dynamic full.

She’s not a box for each: for diffuse background drip irrigation and large auditoriums calls them loving site unsuitable, and promotes concentrated listening at large distances and large rooms. Just like a combination.

T + A Solitaire CWT 500

Manufacturer T + A
Price €14000.00
Rating 103.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 30,0 x 107.0 x 38.0 cm
Weight 53.0
Surfaces Veneer and paint
Color High gloss walnut, Macassar, cherry, black, white
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Way closed
Number of ways 3
Working principle of full Active passive
Connections BI-wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation 3 x level bass / Middle / treble
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 100 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 47 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 39 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 2 ohm
Ultimately accurate, transparent synthesis of combination and dynamic speaker, super, in neutral and firmly in the timing.
Very limited listening area, critical site.
Bass quality 105
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 95
Attention to detail (precision) 120
Dynamic 105
Maximum level (vitality) 90
Neutrality 100
Imaging 105
Spatial (airiness) 90
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 103
tested in issue: 9 / 11