Teach Children to Use Helmets Correctly in Riding Bicycles

It is very important to mentalizing is the safety of our children when they use the bike. It seems that many children between 5 and 14 years and that commonly used bicycle they do not wear a helmet or do it improperly. Of course, are teens who offer more resistance to wear it for reasons such as aesthetics, comfort or feeling that they control.

In all cases the helmet must be approved and also comply with standard requirements as that is durable, light, ventilation, easy to remove and put and not to interfere in the ability to hear the noise of the traffic. Why use the headphones While it is mounted on the bike it can be very dangerous at crossings where there is traffic of cars.

As usual, the prevention of the use of the town resides in parents. So if you offer sports ativities with the bike it is best show example, wear it on your head and convince kids of the need to carry the helmet from the earliest childhood when you first start riding tricycles or any wheeled vehicle.

And it is that although we think that prudence or trust can save us, we need to be aware to use the helmet to prevent accidents. Transporthint reminds you should not forget the helmet!!

Acerbis launches a new helmet off road, the X Fiber Japp One. This new helmet has a price of 139,95 EUR and its outer shell is constructed in fiberglass. The interior padding is removable and is made of EPS, a fully breathable material.

The safety lock is of Double ring d, It weighs 1250 grams and has air inlets on the front and exhausts in the rear. Its decoration is striking for dark colors and above all that suggestive silhouette of a beautiful lady. To not remove the head…