Test Headphones: Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium

The headphones ‘ Edition 8 Palladium “by Ultrasone (1300 Euro) like both sonically and visually. He offers style-conscious people thanks to low impedance also as a companion for the mobile use.

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Often you have the chance to test headphones so appealing. The Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium is made entirely of high-quality materials handmade in the Bavarian Tutzing: the pads of the headphones and the headband are sewn by hand from finest Sheepskin . Also, the leather used is pleasantly soft and formally nestles in the ears.

The headphones are coated with Palladium – a rare and native Platinum precious metal, which serves as a namesake of our test candidates. The one-piece adjustable rails are machined from aluminum and make a solid impression – as well the headphone hanger is where to find the serial number and the S-Logic logo.

S-logic? Since 1990, Ultrasone used this self-developed technology, which will create a possible three dimensional sound picture without DSP technology. The idea: The sound is sent not directly in the ear canal, but it is used the anatomy of the outer ear sent. In other words: the titanium coated 40 mm driver is not centrally placed, but in the lower part of the shell. In combination with a customized frequency response, should be avoided so the unwanted “In localization” and produces a feeling of hearing via speakers.

Another Ultrasone specialty is to use a baffle in expensive and extremely lavish in making MU metal. The predominantly consisting of nickel material shields low-frequency magnetic fields – what could make the Edition 8 also as “Protective helmet” against electro smog.

Bass & more

The basic sound of the Bavarian noble listener was slightly bass-emphasised, what was it but very good. The sound seemed pleasantly uncluttered; Thanks to this is probably a small reduction in the low mid frequency range. In addition, he showed a very rapid speech and gave back music in great detail. When the Eagles classic “Hotel California” immediately noticed the clean image of stereo effects. Here seemed the S-logic technology to create a more natural feeling actually.

Very well liked how the bass also included in electronic music “flat beat” (Mr. Oizo; (“Flat beat EP”), or “For Everyone” (The Aston Shuffle; “For Everyone”). The reference headphones Sennheiser HD-800 sounded in the comparison somewhat airy and neutral, moved but in terms of mobility with its 300 Ohm impedance the shorter compared to the Edition 8: at the low output voltages, as Portis deliver, would play the Sennheiser much too quiet that, while the 34 ohm, relatively low-impedance Ultrasone offers here even lush level reserves.


The Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium convinced right off the bat. The spatial figure is actually impressive in most cases. The closed design and its low impedance it is the ideal companion for travelling and in addition also still highly elegant looks.

Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium

Manufacturer Ultrasone
Price €1300.00
Rating 90.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Construction Closed
Function principle dynamic
Weight 260,0
Accessories 6.3 mm adapter, 4.0 m extension cord, handmade carrying bag made of lamb leather.
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 34.0 ohm
Efficiency 102.5 dB
Dynamic and fine aufloesend, model processing.
High stresses in places easily.
Review sound 90
Facilities Very good
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment 90
tested in 10 / 11