The Bomber Laurel Wreath Ventilate by Fred Perry

Based on the typical bomber jackets tennis and using the high quality fabric Ventilate, the firm british has just introduced the iconic jacket Laurel Wreath, one of the must haves is essential Spring-summer 2011. Combinable, basic and adaptable to almost all the styles, get a piece of this type will ensure a look as trendy, without losing the special essence that have always, garments that if in re-editada version.

The particularity of this tissue is fiber very dense high quality, resistance and impermeability offering this material that is made from cotton 100% and that began to develop beyond age 30’s when the army British needed to find a material protective and efficient, We will that even remotely resembles basic t-shirts cotton.

Available in three classic colors as well as current as they are the Blue cyan, the Garnet Red or the olive green, and all with neck tartan in linen fabric lining. Three-tone indispensalbes of all male wardrobe, that surely you craze throughout the year. If you want one you can do it for a price that around €300 at official stores.