The HTC One Will Be Upgraded to Android 4.4 before of 90 Days in The United States

The emergence of Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat has made that manufacturers begin to give details on their update plans of its terminals.

One of the first to offer data has been HTC, whose leaders indicate that the HTC One will have available the Update Android 4.4 in the next 90 days in United States, Although it remains to be seen what happens in other countries.
Not only this: Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America, has confirmed that the HTC One that is sold in Google Play Store also will update to 4.4 Android KitKat, and will do so much earlier, in the next two weeks. HTC One Developer Edition will be it in 30 days, demonstrating the intention of this manufacturer update those models as soon as possible.

HTC Sense 5.5 (that was already available on Android 4.3) will continue to be the version of the native interface of HTC for those terminals, but there are no known data about how to integrate updates to Android 4.4 in that manufacturer’s own interface.

More data about the future update of other even more recent as the HTC One Max or the HTC Mini models, are not known at the moment and the data for the other countries in which the HTC One is available were not disclosed. We suppose that the operators will also have something to say about.