The Madness of The Eight Nuclei Could Reach The HTC One

In the middle of the brawl between Qualcomm and MediaTek there are other interested manufacturer to adopt some eight-core processors on their phones, and HTC could be one of the first in doing so. It is not known what specific CPU model will be chosen, and although the variety is certainly reduced it is possible that even is a model not yet presented.

In view of some information leaked in screenshots, the device that makes use of this ‘ octa – core’ has a screen of 4.7 inches FullHD, the same size as HTC One along with 3 GB of RAM and a ‘UltraPixel’ camera. As you can see everything points to a small HTC One renewal .

As regards processors, Samsung the market has some Exynos 5 4 + 4 cores used in certain models of S4 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 3, while MediaTek they have what they call ‘the octa – core of truth’, model MT6592, introduced and announced but not yet used in commercial phones. Perhaps the HTC One one of the first to bring it to market.

For now touch wait, as usual with this type of rumours. The ‘One’ is already more than half a year of travel, and with the times they run, its update could be close. Stay tuned.