They Interrogated Managers of HTC by Traffic Secrets and Fraud

This weekend occurred in Taipei (Taiwan) the arrests of several people until now occupied senior positions in the Department of design of HTC. Suspicions of fraud in declarations of expenditure and the traffic of trade secrets are the reasons for these arrests.

Among those involved are Thomas Chien, Vice President of product design, Wu Chien Hung, director of the r & d Department, and Justin Huang, which for example was primarily responsible for the design of the HTC One. Among the possible leaks would be the theft of files related to the future HTC Sense 6.0.
The offices of those involved were also recorded as part of the investigation, and he was the President of HTC; Cher Wang, who asked is to undertake research, in which it has been discovered that these three managers had planned to launch a new design company called Xiaoyu the Chinese market-oriented.

In addition to the alleged robbery of the design of the user interface HTC Sense 6.0 – which, according to some media, will be part of the imminent HTC One Max-, is accused this trio of having committed fraud in the design of the HTC One.

Thus, although the design was made internally, these three Directors simulated the hiring of an outside design firm for Bill more than 330,000 dollars to HTC between May and July, then distributed the money among them.

HTC have made a official statement that they do not give too much extra data, but in which Yes xindex in the importance of protecting your business. “Given that this matter is currently under investigation by the relevant authorities, we are refraining from further comment”.