To Apple: How Well Flips The Switch From Android With The App Move To ios?

Apple’s very first Android app is used to simplify the transition from Android to ios for Smartphone and tablet users. Using the application you to can transfer easily your photos, videos, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, email accounts and even your SMS history on an iphone or ipad. As exactly that, and if everything goes smoothly, our site has tested image for you.
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So switching works

To use move to ios, your old device Android program version must master 4.0. You’ll also need the just released ios 9 on your Apple phone or tablet. Our site when the test objects for the very elderly Samsung Galaxy S and the WIKO Highway pure 4 G updates Android model, as well as for the iphone 6 plus decided. The Android data can be transferred only when you set up the iphone. Therefore, Apple’s new app especially to users with a new device turns unless you want to upgrade your version of software to ios 9 and then reset the device. During Setup, the iphone is the question of whether you want to switch from Android to ios. Confirm the option so that the Apple device shows you a ten-digit code. Now browse to your Android Smartphone or Tablet and download the move-to-ios app from the play store. Open it. After a few steps, the prompt to enter the Apple code appears. You have done everything correctly, the devices produce a private Wi-Fi connection to each other. Now, you can choose what content you want to transfer. When transferring E-Mail accounts, you may need to enter the corresponding passwords. A detailed guide shows the photo spread.

Tried: Android move move to IOS

As well work’s?

Our test was not completely smooth. The Samsung Galaxy S the connection broke off again although it runs with Android in version 4.0.4. If you have an old Smartphone, so you might experience transmission problems. The WIKO Highway pure 4 G, however, move to ios easily played the selected data on the iphone. Exclusive Android content, such as certain apps allow this transfer is not. The operation is total easy by hand. If you think so seriously about moving to an Apple device, the manufacturer supplies a handy tool for those who want to simplify the transition if your Android device over the years has accumulated not too many quirks.

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